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09-04-2013, 08:55 AM
Im Looking For Some Help In Getting Some 6X9s & 6.5s. I'm Putting 2 6X9s Into Each Side Of The Hard Bags Of My Harley Davidson Bagger And Wanted To Know What Speakers Put Out The Best Quality Sound & Bass For The Space Of My Bags. Also A Pair Of 6.5 Components For The Front. My Budget Is $150-$250 A Pair. My Head Unit Is A JVC KD-AVX77 With Alpine PDX-F6 Amp. My Friend Has This Same Set Up But Is Running Infinity Kappa's All The Way Around. I Believe That Their Are Better Quality, Deeper Sounding Speakers Then Kappa's But He Swears By Infinitys.

Please Help Me With This.

09-04-2013, 09:13 AM
me personally from hands on experience, i love the sound and price of polk audio db series they get very loud while being crystal clear. ive ran the db651 and db691 in 3 out of 4 of my cars, aswell as my dads truck which is polk in the 4 doors, dash and 2 8" db840dvc in the back under the seat and it is ridiculously crystal clear, hes not into booming bass, just super loud.

09-04-2013, 10:13 AM
parts express has some buy out speakers i know they have the 6.5 midbass for $5 and lpf is not needed.

09-04-2013, 10:52 AM
Look into the cdt hd lines for both

09-04-2013, 11:13 AM
The hard bags aren't the greatest place to put a 6x9. The small space chokes off the bass response. I've heard from a Harley owner that some Polk 6x9s had no bass unless he cracked open the lid on the bags. He told me he was considering putting a small port into the side of the bag.

We just signed up as a Hawg-Wired dealer, so I can help you pick out speakers. If you need an amplifier on a lower budget we have the Clarion XC1410. It will power 4 speakers.

Jes 42
09-04-2013, 11:37 AM
midbass - Parts Express Ships Fast and Ships Free (http://www.parts-express.com/term/midbass?sort=pasc) Lots of choices.