View Full Version : 3 CHAMBER SINGLE REFLEX 4TH ORDER BANDPASS... wiring question

08-31-2013, 07:46 PM
Hello again everyone... Just a quick question for people who have ran subs in this fashion. I need to know if the subs are facing each other (non-isobaric) do I have to wire one of the subs differently to make sure the cones move in the same direction at the same time? Rather than pushing alternative "waves" into each other? Here's and example of the type of box I'm talking about below.. It's not exactly the same shape or dimensions I'll be using obviously, but close...

Regardless, if the subs are facing each other like this, is there special wiring that needs to be done? if so what is it and how do you do it?

http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y400/rwm41991/4thorder3_zpsc5ba5a38.gif (http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/rwm41991/media/4thorder3_zpsc5ba5a38.gif.html)

08-31-2013, 08:03 PM
One thing I forgot to mention. Both subs will inverted as well.. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

09-01-2013, 02:42 PM
Wire them in phase. Subs facing one another isn't a problem, subs wired out of phase canceling one another is. The thing about isobaric designs is that you're essentially creating one piston with two woofers, so you need them to both be moving the same direction and obviously... that means one has to be wired out of phase. What you have isn't isobaric, it's just to drivers facing one another. Think of all the clamshell walls and v shaped boxes that have woofers facing one another... they're all in phase.

If both of them are inverted, you can wire them both out of phase so they'll be in phase with the rest of the speakers in the car, although, it doesn't really matter so long as the woofers are in phase with each other. In fact, running the subs out of phase with the rest of the system sometimes sounds better, if only slightly better.