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08-30-2013, 07:28 PM
What is a custom component speaker? If you're shopping for speakers for your vehicle, you've likely seen many speaker sets. Did you know you don't have to get a pre-packaged speaker system? How can we make a custom component system?


For the past 3 years we've been an authorized dealer for CDT Audio. They're a privately owned speaker manufacturer that designs and engineers the speakers in the US and Europe, and the final assembly is done in the factory in Buellton, CA. Many different sizes and types of speakers have come from this company, some of which have won awards again and again.

What they're doing to be different from the rest is offering an unmatched level of flexibility. The MX-1000SX 2-way/3-way crossover works with a wide range of drivers. It can even be used as a 1-way crossover. Easy Way Electronics is working very closely with CDT Audio to offer this unique way of pairing speakers very accurately to your desires and physical requirements.


The easiest way to get a speaker system that is unlike the cookie cutter systems from the other guys is to browse the new MX Designs line-up. Click the graphic below.
http://cdtaudio.com/images/index/mxdesigns2.png (http://cdtdealer.com/easy-way-electronics/mxdesigns.htm)

What you see is just the beginning. We have more options for midbass, midrange, and tweeter drivers of various voicing, sizes(both diameter and depth), and cone or dome composition. To see some of these drivers that we keep in stock in our store, please view this thread:

We look forward to talking with you. You can reach us by private message, by phone Toll Free, or by contacting us through our web site: Contact Easy Way Electronics (http://cdtdealer.com/easy-way-electronics/contact.htm)

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good stuff! great idea

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MX-Designs is now available to order directly from us online: Easy Way Electronics MX-Designs Online Store (http://mx-designs.com/ewe.php)

For our car specific packages click here: Perfect Fit Speaker Upgrade Packages for Your Vehicle (http://store.513electronics.com/car-specific-packages/)

As always, if you have a need for a custom designed speaker, full audio system, or if you have questions about products in the web sites linked above, send me a private message.