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08-25-2013, 01:07 PM
The last few days have been awful, so let me start. I love my diamond audio hex s600 comp set, but due to unfortunate events I no longer have a working tweeter and a mid has a ton of coil rub, so I'm down to one side. Since the hex s600 are hard to find and don't come up often, what are some comparable speakers for around the same price ($200-300). Will currently switch to Boston acoustics rally series comps until I get some new ones. If you have some hex s600 comps and are willing to sell them let me know :)

08-25-2013, 01:11 PM
If you want to stay with Diamond they have a new set, SXP65S. It doesn't use the TDX cooling technology, but they might sound similar to your ears.

08-25-2013, 05:15 PM
I was a Diamond Audio dealer and still have some new Hex pieces, 6.5" midranges, tweeters, etc.
Let me know if you might be interested.


08-26-2013, 08:55 PM

08-27-2013, 11:51 AM
From what I understand, the old Hex components had a really unique design and they're worth more than $300. There are other great speaker sets out there. Perhaps you might find something you like from CDT Audio, or JBL MS-62C also falls into your price range.