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08-24-2013, 12:59 AM
I recently bought two Sundown Zv3 15s from this guy and he delivered them as advertised and promptly.

Now for the tl;dr...

As he is a fairly new user, I was skeptical... even though I'm a fairly new user as well, if not a more prolific poster. In any event, I asked for his phone number and address before we consummated the sale (which he graciously provided) and when the sale was consummated, I held up freight payment until I got a tracking number. And again, he graciously complied with my request and long story short, the woofers were delivered on time and in the condition he claimed.

With all that said, he's an enjoyable fellow to talk to, even with the 25 year age disparity between us. And, in my experience he's true to his word, so I would recommend buying from or selling to him and I'd also buy him a beer if he were in my neck of the woods or if I were in his.