View Full Version : Walling off 2011 challenger trunk with 4 SA8s

08-23-2013, 04:11 PM
So I am going to upgrade my system. From two SA8s to four. Adding a second Soundstream reference 1.1000. Swapping out Polk momo for Hybrid Legatias. Getting a bigger supplemental battery Not sure if im going to keep the small Kinetik 600 i have installed now or not). Trunk walled off. I am posting some of the stuff i did a bit late, but ill play catch up to where the upgrade is in real time.

Well at least that is the plan!

First thing was getting enough power. Running the big three in a car with battery in the trunk blows big time. Especially when you buy a 380 amp alternator. Since the 0awg has to run through the whole car, had to fuse the wire. Issue number two was the fact that finding a 400 amp dc fuse is nearly impossible. so the 0awg is run into a splitter that puts out 3 four gauge wires. Each four gauge carries a 150 amp fuse. To be safe i fused the alternator side and the battery side. Also kept the stock 2 gauge wire.

09-06-2013, 10:33 AM
Ok. So more work has been done. Its been kinda slow due to work being crazy lately. but here is the update.

the small Kinetik 600 I had got moved behind the amp rack with the 4 channel on it. So that battery is tucked away on the passenger side of the trunk. Once that was done a Shuriken battery was put into the opposite side. I was going to leave the battery situation at that, but then a friend of mine offered to give me his 2400 Krank it up. So of course i took it! That battery is now in place of my stock battery.
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All of the polk MoMOs got removed. I ditched the back speakers. Replaced the front speakers with Hybrid Legatias, and put in the matching tweeters.
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