View Full Version : Zv4 vs DD9512i

08-20-2013, 10:31 AM
Jacob even though I would like to meet one of your reps, Sean Ballenger in a dark alley you always give honest opinions. I have that bug that makes me want to always change thing up but I have to know its for the good. In your experianced opinion how would the Zv4 do against a super charged 9512i? I look for 25-45hz strong, the DDs are doing much better then the DC XLm2s did in every department. I'm maxed out on box size right now so the Z will be going as a drop in. We have 2 cubes net per sub with 16sp inches of port per cube tuned at 32. I have impressive output 25hz to 45hz with flat 33-40hz now. Power will be a DD M4A or NS-1 if I go with the Z. How would you compare the two drivers on box size, power, and responce where I am looking for it?

08-20-2013, 10:44 AM
Do you have a full spec sheet for that driver ?

In reality without a Klippel test on it -- it would be hard for me to do a FULLY accurate estimation.

But I am going to assume the spider is fairly linear -- and that it is surround limited. With that being assumed the v.4 will be able to out-displace the DD driver as it is far from surround limited. Up until that point I'd expect a fairly similar behavior as the new DD spider is quite large and presumably linear in behavior.

The DD would have a good bit more motor strength being super-changed (as they are very strong) but, IMO, that isn't a huge issue when concerned with the lowest octaves... and the Z v.4 line does excel at 30 Hz on down. So if your main area of desired improvement is 30 Hz on down the v.4 would be a good candidate.

08-20-2013, 11:36 AM
I could see it being the perfect driver for a C&S demo setup. Not sure if it is for me but I'm going to have to hear one playing with my tuning.