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08-17-2013, 05:07 PM
Hi, My name is Aaron, I'm a 21 year old shipping clerk. I got engaged/Poorer a few months ago, so I've had no real time or money to devote to my new whip :(

But this is all about to change(unbeknownst to her), I'm getting this thing started.

To this is the plan

StepUno: Fix the stuff I've ruined

-custom fabricate a enclosure/amp mount to mount where the factory sub was located
enclosure will hold a hifonics triton 8" to run off of my amp's 5th chanel, the amp will be flush with the rear dash and hidden

other stuff
-properly run rca's
-mount the five channel
-properly install my components
-run fresh power all around
-Ground that ish front and back
-mount the line driver somewhere hella flush
-install voltage meter somewhere sneaky
-clean up my wiring job until i get the gonads to run 12 all around(need help because i doubt splicing into factory 16 is a great option lol)

all of that can pretty much be done for the price of my labor...which is apparently practically worthless 9-5, but at a premium 5pm-whenever see allows me to sleep!

Step 2:
Deaden everything!

anybody know of a good buy on bulk deadener it would help out allot

Step 3: The Power

In the market for an H/O alt, but don't know what my best value is
-build battery bank in spare tire well
-get frersh terminals and distribution blocks throughout vehicle

Step 4: Sub Stage

Okay so this time im feeling 2 strong 12's maybe DD 9512's or Orion HCCA's

-3/4 birch ply, braced, with flared 8" PVC Aeroport, coated in bedliner, slick paint inside, with pvc cut into fourths tuned at around 29hz, thats the recipe for a stout box

step 5: 2 Head units

buying an appradio3 for the dash and using my prs-80 as an over glorified sound processing unit stowed in the center console

08-21-2013, 08:38 PM
good stuff!!

11-10-2013, 10:38 AM
Finally updating! So I cleaned up my RCA's Flush mounted my tweeters, and ordered a High output 270A Alternator from Mechman ( really nice Company )]
I finally got some nice JL Audio Battery terminals up front, and re-grounded the battery with Zero. My auxiliary AGM Battery lived true to the brand and died hard, currently it sits at 10.2 volts...Toast?

Today I'm running 2 leads of 8 gauge from the front battery both positive and negative and running my power accessories directly from the battery, adding my hands free, and flush mounting everything ( head unit and line-driver )

Ill try to post a video soon, not like anyones following this build yet. Honestly I'm just not sure if i'll ever have the kinda money to get to that point. I should have my amp and sub around the holidays, praying I get a bonus LOL. In the meantime I'm Focusing on getting new power wire and my alternator installed. maybe even my 5 Channel mounted with that 8".

I promise the end result will be pretty sweet.

11-10-2013, 11:25 AM
more pictures = more followers. pictures also keep you honest and you'll find you go a few steps further when you have to share it! show pics of mounting, wiring, terminations, besides the final product.

Beau M
11-10-2013, 11:16 PM
Nothing starts a marriage off on the right foot like a little secrecy and deceit.

11-11-2013, 12:21 PM
nothing starts a marriage off on the right foot like a little secrecy and deceit.

11-24-2013, 02:57 PM
im following, i just sold a 2002 nissan maxima that i did a stereo build in, the maxima and I35 are "basically" the same car, i mounted two american bass 12" woofers IN the rear deck of the car, i was always surprised that the rear glass never started leaking, if you mount your 8" woofer in the rear deck in the center where the OEM subwoofer would have been you should get great sound quality, there will also be enough room that if you want to, you can mount two 10's or two 12" woofers in the same box (providing you cut out the entire rear deck) I rebuilt my entire rear deck, my cut out was approx. 12.75" x 38" build a box to come up into that area, i ran my subs at 1.7 CF sealed per subwoofer, if i had it to do over again i would have put the 3rd 12" woofer in because they only required 1 CF sealed, the sound quality of mounting the subwoofer in the cabin of the car instead of the trunk was absolutely amazing, it also cuts down on alot of rattles that would be from pressure build up in the trunk.

do the Q-logic kick forms for the maxima fit the I35? if they do, i highly suggest them, they made my front sound stage sound alot better.

ill point out that i had to remove the factory center shoulder belt, i installed a lap belt in its place because the shoulder belt was removed for the sub box. I also had to remove the deck hinges so that i could put two hydrolic rams (hood struts) in the rear and made brackets so that they would hold up the rear deck.