View Full Version : Cadence 6x9 and EQ

08-15-2013, 01:52 PM
I been running kenwood 4 way 6x9 in 6x9 boxes.
The speakers are no good. . i want to upgrade them.
I have always been happy with cadence products. All my life i ran cadence amps and subs. but i haven't ran their 6x9.I'm looking at these here.
1. Cadence XENITH 6X9" 3-WAY SPEAKER XS694
2.Pair Of Cadence CS3.69 6x9 700W 3-Way Car Stereo Speakers 3dB Tweeter Equalizer
3, Cadence CVLS69 6x9 600 Watt Competition 3-Way Speakers+Crossovers, 70 OZ Magnets
has anyone have these?
price doesn't matter as long as it's under $200.00

my amp is XaH175.2 cadence
Right now i want to upgrade 6x9 and passive EQ. Any ideas on the passive EQ would be great too!
I have a Sony player and a passive eq in a Chevy truck. ( they both fit into the dash together kit) (cd will be upgraded last) the passive eq doesn't work at all it s a piece. I like the passive eq to have led meter.
BOSSŪ AVA-1202 7-Band Equalizer w/ LED Power Meter is what i have now. I would like to stick with the same size as this one but alot better. prefer around $100.00 at most.