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08-07-2013, 05:08 PM
We are happy to announce that we are bringing back the popular enclosure + subwoofer combo packages we once offered awhile back!

We understand not everyone has the capability of building enclosures and putting woofers in those cheap prefab boxes can seriously diminish the potential performance of your woofers, which is why we are now offering the enclosures.

We are selling the enclosures separately as well as with combo deals for our woofers.

All boxes are in stock and ship same or next business day. At this time we are not doing custom dimensions, carpet color, etc. These boxes are hand made in the USA at our Tampa facility and are built using 3/4" Light Medium Density Fiberboard.

To Purchase >>> visit the links below or www.SkarAudio.com - all ordering is to be done through our website for ease of access and instant order processing. We will ship your enclosure/combo same or next business day for FREE via UPS Ground.

We will be constantly adding more packages, for now these are the first and typically the most popular below! By ordering the combo's you are saving significantly, and again the order will ship for FREE! Please visit our website by clicking one of the links below for full box specifications including dimensions, volume, etc...

Package Deal Pricing (Free Shipping)

Dual 10" Ported Enclosure with (2) VVX-10 Subwoofers (Either Coil) - $469.99
Dual 12" Ported Enclosure with (2) VVX-12 Subwoofers (Either Coil) - $479.99 <<< CLICK TO ORDER >>> (https://www.skaraudio.com/products/enclosures/12-enclosures/dual-ported-vvx-12-subwoofer-package-deal.html)
Dual 15" Ported Enclosure with (2) VVX-15 Subwoofers (Either Coil) - $499.99

Dual 12" Ported Enclosure with (2) ZVX-12 Subwoofers (Either Coil) - $899.99

Enclosure Only Pricing

Dual 10" Ported Enclosure - $159.99 (Free Shipping) <<< CLICK TO ORDER >>> (https://www.skaraudio.com/products/enclosures/10-enclosures/dual-ported-10-subwoofer-enclosure.html)
Dual 12" Ported Enclosure - $169.99 (Free Shipping) <<< CLICK TO ORDER >>> (https://www.skaraudio.com/products/enclosures/12-enclosures/dual-ported-12-subwoofer-enclosure.html)
Dual 15" Ported Enclosure - $189.99 (Free Shipping) <<< CLICK TO ORDER >>> (https://www.skaraudio.com/products/enclosures/15-enclosures/dual-ported-15-subwoofer-enclosure.html)

*These are high quality and very strong enclosures that will work optimal with many subwoofers on the market if you are not running Skar Audio woofers

Pictures (Free Shipping)


08-08-2013, 11:23 AM
What about a dual 8" enclosure for the MA-8's?