View Full Version : 2013 4Runner 2 12 JL W3V3's and Planet Audio amp

08-05-2013, 12:36 PM
I designed and built my first "custom" ported enclosure for this setup and had some help from a few guys on here so I thought id post the after. This setup by no means is anything crazy as it is my daily driver but it came out really good and is pretty **** loud in my opinion.

stock base model radio - not the JBL upgrade
2 12" JL W3V3-2, wired in parallel to 1 ohm
Planet Audio AP1000D mono block amp, 1 ohm stable pushing 700-800 watts my guess?
PAC Audio Line Out Converter model SOEM-T with remote turn-on signal
ported enclosure with 2 cu ft of volume tuned to 33hz

Considering this is my daily driver quick easy box removal was a must. In my last ride which was an 11 Venza I mounted the amp in the spare tire well so all I had was the speaker wire coming out to the box. Disconnect, wire nut, pull out box and load up whatever. Now in the 4Runner I didn't have a good spot out of the way to mount the amp so I had no choice but to mount it to the back of the box. I did some research and found some quick disconnects for 4awg power wire, designed for use with RV's(gray things mounted to the right of the amp). Put quick disconnect spade terminals for the LOC hookup, so undo 3 quick disconnects and the entire box,amp,LOC setup can be pulled right out. Wiring can just lay there as its all protected so no chance of shorting.

I think the whole quick disconnect came out awesome and is pretty cool and this is one of the loudest setups ive ever had so im pretty happy. Let me know what you guys think???

Heres a link to my enclosure design threadhttp://www.caraudio.com/forums/enclosure-design-construction-help/584438-help-ported-enclosure-design-12-jl-w3v3.html