View Full Version : Question regaurding box

05-08-2004, 10:48 PM
kk.... im buying a 12" XXX,,, and i built the recommended box off of the reaudio.com site...

but i think i may have messed up (or my dad did)...

when it tells you the height and such of the box.. that is the inside demisions correct? so going by what it tells you... 13.5" as height, is what you should make it (on the inside)

well my dad got the idea that it's supposed to be the outside. so he made all the height peices 1 1/2" shorter. so the 3/4 of the top and bottom peice would make the entire outside height 13.5"

sorry to be confusing, but would a box that is 1 1/2" shorter than recommended matter that much, sound wise?

sorry bout the same post in the other forum.... heh just realized this topic was here