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08-02-2013, 09:20 PM
1. Product:

Brand New Soundstream Ref2.640

2. Specs:

RUBI TM (Rapid-Use Branched Impulse) Proprietary Power Supply Topology
STACT TM (Stabllized Apex Current Topology) Reduces Power Supply Stress b y 50%
Trident TMAmplifier Protection Topology
Ultra Low ESR Capacitance Bank Ensures Rapid Power Delivery for Dynamic Peaks
Hawkins Bass Control TM Proprietary Bass Equalization
Regulated MOSFET Power Suuply
Triple Darlington Output Circuitry
BIP TM Bias Input Protection
Rail Stabilization Protection Circuitry
Bi-Linear Variable High, Low, & Band Pass Crossovers
Balanced Line Inputs for Highest Noise Rejection (requires BLT)
Tri-Mode Operation
Multi-Channel Input Selection (4 & 5 ch. models)
4ga. Power & 8ga Direct Wire Terminals
= 0.02%Total Harmonic Distortion
>110dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
>1000 Damping Factor
200mV-9V Input Voltage
30-80Hz Hawkins Bass Boost
180 o Phase Control

* Power output:
o 190 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms
o 320 Watts RMS x 2 @ 2 ohms
o 640 Watts RMs x 1 Bridged @ 4 ohms
* Regulated MOSFET power supply
* RUBI (Rapid-use branched impulse) proprietary power supply technology
* STACT (stabilized apex current technology) reduces power supply stress by 50%
* Trident amplifier power technology
* Auto high-current, regulates power supply load for application
* Triple darlington output circuitry
* Hawkins bass control: proprietary bass equalization
* Drive delay II eliminates turn-on & turn-off pops
* Ultra-low ESR capacitors for rapid power delivery & dynamic transient peaks
* Tri-mode operation
* Damping Factor: >1000
* Signal-to-noise ratio: >110dB
* 180 degree phase control
* 30-80hz hawkins bass boost
* 200mV-9V input voltage
* 4ga. Power & 8ga direct wire terminal
* Dimensions: H: 2.25" x W: 9.875" x L: 14.875"

3. Description/Condition:

Almost a year ago I bought a Soundstream Ref2.640 but it ended up producing pretty bad alt whine. I contacted Soundstream for warranty work and was told I had to pay shipping both ways even if there was a manufacturers defect. I thought this was bullshit and after them refusing to pay at least the return shipping (if the amp turned out to be defective), I decided to just buy an Audioque Q2-200 and pretty much forgot about the Soundstream.

Well in the past two weeks I realized the warranty was about to expire on the Soundstream so I decided to try and get Soundstream to cover the shipping one last time. This time after speaking with a manager for a bit they agreed to cover the return shipping to me and would just replace the unit completely.

So today I received the brand new unit. This is just the amplifier, manual, sticker, and some mounting screws. There is no bass knob or any other accessory. This amplifier was only taken out of the box to take pics and is now back in the box the way I found it.

Mechanical is 10/10
Cosmetic is 10/10

4. Price: :

$200 shipped

Item Pictures:
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Sold locally :)