View Full Version : opinions on Morel MT-22 1 1/8" tweets?

05-08-2004, 12:50 PM
i was offered these in exchange for my CDT 3/4" titanium tweets because the morels were too big for the other guy's tweeter location, but i think they should fit right into the pods from my mustang mach 460 audio system, which i believe are 2.5". has anybody heard these things? i think they're silk soft-dome, but i need to find the mounting depth of them, some opinions, comparisons to what i have (have a set of CDT HD-62's), and how well they might work in my setup? my setup is as follows...

HU - alpine CDA-9813
sub - 10" RE SExxx
amp for sub - kicker kx600.1
speakers - CDT HD-62 in doors, no rear fill (soon as i get them installed)
amp for speakers - currently unknown. doing some shopping.

any ideas? i'm also curious as to how much a brand new set of those morel tweeters costs since the guy was asking $160 for them.

05-09-2004, 02:07 PM
what morels are they? morel is high end home audio mainly, also the crossover in the CDT's proabablly wont be cut off at the same point the morels need to be at so it may be better to stick with the CDT.
EDIT NM i see MT-22, do you know the crossover point on your CDT crossover ?