View Full Version : lots of questions from a mustang owner....help me out!

05-06-2004, 04:34 PM
i have a 2000 mustang with the mach 460 audio system. i finally finished up getting my head unit/sub/amp done working around this horrible system, and now i need to work in a new set of speakers and amp to power them. i have an alpine CDA-9813 head unit, 10" RE SExxx sub, and kicker kx600.1 amp powering the sub in a 1.7 cubic foot box tuned to 34 Hz. i'm pretty sure the door components are 5.25" speakers and the back speakers are 6x8 (**** ford) and that the tweeters are mounted near the side mirrors. on to the questions....

1. with a set of 5.25" components, would there be any problems putting the tweeters where they are in the stock location, or would kickpanels have to be fabricated and the tweeters mounted in the same location as the speakers? i'm worried i'd end up kicking those kickpanels while clutching if they had to be made.

2. do i really need the rear speakers now that i have a pretty powerful sub in the trunk, or would i be better off opening up the rear speaker spaces and letting the air flow into the cabin from the trunk for more bass and a hatchback-style effect? i don't know if a single set of components up front would be loud or powerful enough to produce all the mids and highs in the car.

3. i'm looking to spend around $400 between any speakers i might buy and the amp to power them (whether that's 1 or 2 sets remains to be seen, obviously). what speakers and amp would you suggest for this application assuming i'd be using 5.25" comps instead of 6.5" comps?

keep in mind that i'm going to have to rip out the whole mach system along with the crappy amps that ford put in there and get it all rewired, so that might cost a bit of money. i guess $550 including all installation/wiring and everything would be about my limit. if anyone can help me out with some info and suggestions, i'd greatly appreciate it.