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07-20-2013, 04:39 PM
i have a o4 tb and am looking to put some tunes in but don't want to take up whole hatch ( i have kids) bc i still haul stuff around so today i measured the well in the back

step 1 left carpet in to take place of fiberglass
lined well with plastic
step 2 filled with water using a measuring cup
and kept track of amount i measured it in cups
i measured 103 104 cups of water
step 3 got online and found a converter to convert 103 cups to cubic feet and
it converted to .86056857633427 cuft

i knew it was at least .5cuft but not .86cuft witch is what i was looking for the single 10 i was looking at (planet audio acr104d) needs .8 cuft for sealed so i lucked out and thought since i could not find this info anywhere on the web that i would share it for any other trailblazer guys out there that wants to try and keep as much of there space as possible seeing as i am from the start of the audio revolution yes that makes me like 40 been in audio bis for 22 years and i like the stealth and sq stuff more now than i did then but cudos to the spl guys looked through the build logs at the trailblazer builds and some sweet work has been done so keep the pics coming
will post pics soon of my build soon 15% gear and 85% install