View Full Version : Box/fiberglass for a Eclipse 1x (15" l7) 1x (12" Type R) 2x (10" type r)

07-18-2013, 01:28 AM
Vehicle : 95 Eclipse gsx
Location in the vehicle: Entire Hatch/Trunk

Space available (Length x Width x Height): 13 ft^3 (what ive read with back seat up)

Subwoofer make and model: 1x (15" l74 ohm dvc) 1x (12" Type R 4ohm dvc) 2x (10" type r 4ohm dvc)
Number of Subwoofers: Four to start... ;)

Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): L7 ported, 12" maby ported? 10"s sealed? (for sound quality?)

What type of music do you like?: Rap anything with some good bass
Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Everyday music

Tuning Freq (Hz): 15" want it to go low...
Volume : 8^3 for L7, 1.5/2.5 for 12" type r? depending on sealed/ported

Alright to just start off im building a box mabby fiberglassing a bit for my 95 eclipse gsx...
I gutted the trunk and want the box to go all the way to the driver/passenger seat. (Horrible to ride in back seat of one of these cars lol) So getting rid of rear seats.
i want to have the 15" l7 ported and maybe the 12"? My plan is to have the 15" for SPL and the 10's for SQ? and the 12" for in between?
I plan on fiberglassing where the spare tire sits (taking it out) to gain room for the 15"
And making the rest with 3/4 mdf
And thoughts ideas are appreciated!!
PS need spot for amps.. and batteries

The rear seats fold down to where its flat
Believe it is 2ft from bottom of spare tire well to top of trunk

07-18-2013, 10:45 AM
80 views but zero replies.... This is my first thread guys come on please help me out i dont know what to do..

07-19-2013, 03:20 PM
[QUOTE=autocrossn;8435354]Vehicle : 95 Eclipse gsx
Subwoofer make and model: 1x (15" l74 ohm dvc) 1x (12" Type R 4ohm dvc) 2x (10" type r 4ohm dvc)

go with either the 1 15 ported, and 2 10s sealed or 1 12 ported and and 2 10's sealed, or go and sell them all and get 2 sundown e 12's , SDC2.5 12's, obsidian 12's get a 1500-2000 watt amp, and throw them in a 4th order bandpass, stuffed in the back with a external aero port facing foward with the back seats out.. just my thoughts.

whats the dimensions of just that back area behind the stabilizer bar?

07-20-2013, 10:23 AM
you do not want to mix different sized subs nor brands as each has their own characteristics and together will not mix well. as 05pontiac08 said, provide the dimensions you have to work with. also whats your budget?