View Full Version : First build! Some basic help and questions!

07-17-2013, 04:38 AM
Hey there,

I will be doing my first build here very soon and these are the subs and amp I will be using:

2 Sundown Audio SA-12's
Either 1 Sundown Audio SAZ-2500D V.2/3500D V.2 (Not sure how much power I should use)
or 1 Crescendo Audio BC 3500D/2000D (Again. not sure how much power I need)

I need help on box designs, and what to tune it to as well. This is my first build so I only know basics and the science behind it.

The car is a 91 Jeep Cherokee. This will be in the back (No rear seats). Was planning on the woofers firing up and the port shooting towards the front of the car.

I want the system to be loud and definitely slap and make an impression when you roll by or someone gets in with you, but I don't really plan on doing competitions or anything so SPL isn't too important, but still important. I just don't want them to sound bad or not be able to reproduce most frequencies well.

If I could get any opinions or help that would be great!