View Full Version : x5500bhs iphone/android w/appradio mode

07-12-2013, 04:20 PM
Hello. im looking to purchase a 5500bhs HU soon and i was wondering about the compatibility of an iphone and an android with this head unit. For those of you who have this head unit, which phone are you guys using to pair it to? which has better connectivity/features?

the reason i ask why is because i will be getting a new phone soon and i am debating on getting an iphone 5 or a samsung gs4.

Im looking to make the most out of the appradio mode, using ARliberator for android or a jailbroken iphone 5, and i am wanting to use apps while driving such as gps navigation through waze and what not. Would this mean i would also need to install a micro bypass?

also, what are the differences between the 5500bhs and the 8500bhs? i read somewhere that the iphone 5 can only be used with the 8500bhs? does one tend to be easier with pairing android/ios and app radio mode?

One last thing. if someone could list out the specific wiring and cables i need? one for android and one for ios?

such as with iOS, i need an hdmi adapter?
or with android i would need an mhl to hdmi?

Thanks in advance

07-16-2013, 11:10 AM
Pioneer's web site is your best place to find out what cables and adapters you need. The documents they supply to dealers isn't any more helpful in that regard, in my experience.

The parking brake bypass is worth doing regardless, as it's so cheap and easy to install.

Right now the 8500BHS will not connect to an iPhone 5. This requires an unreleased firmware update. Eventually this will be supported on that model.