View Full Version : How many tweeters?

07-12-2013, 05:09 AM
I already have the Type-R component set which gets pretty **** loud. I am about to get some pods for each door to had 6 more speakers 3 on each door. Should I go with 2 6.5's and a tweeter on each door, or skip out the tweeter since I already have 2 pretty bright ones, and focus on midbass, and get 3 6.5's on each side. Maybe even an 8 and 2 6.5's on each side. I plan on using aq's 6.5 I'm not trying to get excellent sound quality I just want it to be loud as fuuuu. Also trying to keep somewhat of a theme going.

Suggestions please AQ nuthuggers on the 6.5's if anyone has as well as adding 2 more tweeters or just sticking to the 6 6.5's.