View Full Version : problem with eclipse cd7k memory stick

07-02-2013, 04:37 PM
hey guys, a few days ago o got a cd7000 eclipse, and y said no usb but... omemory stick,
but cant figure it out why i cannot play memory stick says

error 6 = to memory stick non compatible
because memory stick is not sony (sandisk) and has no magicgate, hu knows when is not a sony card because of magicgate system from sony (stupid things to make people have to buy something else from sony)

and than i try with memory stick duo (not answerpro duo, manual says that has to be memory sitck duo)
and i formated in "fat" but still no go.

and cd7k has a "MS format" pero does not work, y its format ms y push enter and it stays on "OK?"

and i convert song to atrac3 (manual says that too, only read atrac3, another stupid thing from sony, to use sonicstage, software from sony too, but in sonicstage does not apear ms stick, only cd, mp3 thats all..

any ideas bout what is going on?
does any body has experience with ecliipses memory stick?