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Item(s) for Sale: Audiocontrol esp-2

Item(s) Description/Condition: used,works great.You will get the unit,knob and cord.the led has come off,but still works,need to be soldered on.

The ESP-2 has no real tech papers on it. What it does is it takes R - L
then puts that ontop of the L channel and then takes R-L flips phase and
puts that ontop of the R. This gives you a greater stereo separation. Which
makes your music sound wider and brings it up more from the doors. It will
also make so tracks sound like they reach past the cars limits. The ESP-2,
and the model 11. The new HPX has some this technology with some Epicenter.
Patrick Talmadge...
I now have this unit, what it does is that if music has spacial cues it uses these to make the music sound the way it's suppossed to sound also has the effect of bringing the instriments more out of the background, the effects can be mind blowing on one CD and not the next. Does improve most slightly, but make sure you install where you can get to it if you have to because it has adjustable leves for treble, midbass, bass, and gain. it comes with a nob that turns the unit on/off when you pull/push it and increases/decreases the effect of the ESP-2 when rotated. Well worth the $160 I paid for it. Check out Santana's new cd with it. Maria Maria is downright Kewl!

• The sensation of a larger space and wider sound field — wider than the physical dimensions of your vehicle.

• Better imaging and defined placement of individual instruments.

• An increased “sensation of stereo.”

• Ease of control with a single unobtrusive dashboard adjustment (while the rest of the ESP-2 is mounted out of sight).

• Highest quality because the ESP-2 is designed and built in the U.S.A. by an award-winning manufacturer.

• Jealous friends, after they hear your car stereo system.

Price: 125 shipped...

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: fedex or priority

Item Pictures: pics will be up after work today when I can pull it out from under my seat..
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