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07-01-2013, 07:05 PM
I have a real stubborn problem that has me completely confused. I have a JVC KD-A735BT Arsenal. I installed it about a year ago in my VW Jetta. It's worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago. My wife hit a bump in the car and the head unit tripped the miswiring message on the face plate. I pulled everything out and re-wired, soldered and wrapped the wiring to the head unit then shot all the wires. All are showing 3.3ish ohms which is good I assume since they're all the same. Reset the unit and all worked fine until my wife hopped in the car the next morning. Miswiring again. This time, I disconnected both door speakers and reset the unit. Reset and it worked. I assumed that the problem might be in one of the door speakers so I narrowed it down to the right door. Wiggled the wiring with the meter on it and can't get it to show a ground out condition. Put it all together and it worked for about a day. This time I disconnected the opposite door speaker, reset, and it worked again. Now I'm really confused as to what wiring harness or speaker is affected. None of the speakers are blown and all the wires are shooting good ohms through the connector. Is it possible that my head unit has gone bad internally? Literally everything is shooting good on the meter. I checked every pin on the connector to the head unit and it's all showing good. No open or ground out condition. Any suggestions?

07-02-2013, 08:08 AM
BUMP, still looking for some help on this one.