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07-01-2013, 03:54 PM
I am looking to upgrade my tweeters and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions I have read as much as I can find and don't know whether to get silk or aluminum or titanium and I was wondering if I can use 2 1 inch silk and 2 1 inch titanium at the same time or is this stupid and what about horns I'm lost on those

I have a 2000 mercury mystique four door and plan on putting them in the a pillars unless I use horns then I have no idea

07-01-2013, 06:32 PM
:crazy: No, you do not need to mix tweeter types. Aluminum is a compromise between silk and titanium, so I recommend that. Horns are an entirely different subject and I would leave that out. You can't just bolt on horns and get them to sound great.

What else will you be running for speakers besides 1" tweeters?

07-01-2013, 07:00 PM
I would like a 3 Way or 4 Way front stage

Per front door I would like to have 2 6.5 midrange, a 3" or 4" midrange(this one is a big maybe not a definite at all), and one of the 8"s I have along with some kind of tweeter in the a-pillars for the dash and if I do this is two tweeters enough or should I do four so they aren't strained at high volume

I have two kicker component sets that's in there now that I will be selling once I buy the components I want I'm just judging based on the four speakers I have not being loud enough or able to take enough power I know the four tweeters I have the car now I just not aimed probably that's why I'm putting them in the a-pillars

The budget I am trying to stick to is as follows
100 or less on tweets
400 or less on mids, 4-6.5" or 2-6.5" and 2-3"or4"
I have the 8"
Need covers recommended

I was thinking CDT, Exodus, Cadence etc on the mids I dunno suggest something I really like SQ's new lineup
Tweeters I have no idea what something loud and clear for the specified price, selenium, what about the PPI for sale just went up
Xovers I dunno who to look

This will be an entry level sq setup when done