View Full Version : Orion Hcca 10.2 Enclosure Ideas?

06-30-2013, 11:59 AM
I got a great deal(120bucks) on 1 of these lil 10s in a box 2.1cube after displacement tuned at 40 with a 6" round port. Its still very tight and played well on my buddies 1500rms. I am coming from 2 xfl12s in a 4th order, now I know the 10 isnt gonna do near the work the 12s did but I kinda want my back seat back too. So my ? is should I leave the 10 in its ported box or try it in a 2to1 4th? To me its lackin in the lows right now and Im not into how loud it can go but rather clarity and low end extension. I will be powering it with my american bass ph4000 at 1ohm, so Id guess somewhere round 1-1.4k after rise and stock electrical is considered. I do like the small size of the current enclosure and I could simply retune it a lil lower or I think i could maybe spare a few more inches to squeeze approx 3.5cubes for a 4th order. Any thoughts on a single 10 4th vs. ported also considering the sub and power would be greatly appreciated.

06-30-2013, 01:11 PM
being tuned to 40, its going to **** at the lows really bad..tune around 32-34 and should sound way better.work smarter not harder, meaning dont do a 4th at this point as its more work, try a diffrent tuning if you can 1st