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06-24-2013, 09:52 PM
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Just picked this up to replace the Xtant in my GTO but the 200rms is too strong for the comps I'm running up front. So looking to sell or trade with cash for it. I'm looking for either a 4 channel that can do the rear channels bridged to 2 ohm or a 3 channel. If selling just trying to get what I paid, I'm losing cash due to shipping. No boots and there are a some scratches on the face, not all that bad though.

200W x 4 (4-1 ohm stereo)
400W x 2 (8-2 ohm bridged)
Tried and true triple Darlington output stage
Buffered RCA full range thru output
Remote Monitoring Display (RMD) port
Low Pass Level control ready (LPL-44)
Xe.flow™ variable thermal feedback controlled fans
Xe.tune™ 24dB Linkwitz-Riley low pass and subsonic filter
Xe.load™ optimized for any impedance load


230 shipped

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http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h301/xconcepts/20130624_135603_zpsa2d264be.jpg (http://s67.photobucket.com/user/xconcepts/media/20130624_135603_zpsa2d264be.jpg.html)
http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h301/xconcepts/20130624_135609_zps02c11295.jpg (http://s67.photobucket.com/user/xconcepts/media/20130624_135609_zps02c11295.jpg.html)
http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h301/xconcepts/20130624_135616_zpsa57dd063.jpg (http://s67.photobucket.com/user/xconcepts/media/20130624_135616_zpsa57dd063.jpg.html)