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Pioneer AVIC-Z2

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The AVIC-Z2 is the ultimate in HDD navigation and multimedia. Pioneer's AVIC-Z2 is a double-DIN all-in-one system that is equipped with a 30GB hard disk drive (HDD) to deliver information, entertainment, and convenience on the road. With the Z2's ultra-fast processing and the enormous Tele Atlas database offering 12 million points of interest, getting where you need to be has never been so easy. And with a built-in HDD music library, DVD playback on the large 7-inch display is easy, and iPod direct control expansion is only an adapter away. The AVIC-Z2 ensures that you'll be entertained every second on the road.
What's New for 2007...
The AVIC-Z2 replaces the 2006 AVIC-Z1 and it features all of the powerful capabilities of its predecessor, while adding some cool new enhancements such as:

Point Addressing
The AVIC-Z2 takes advantage of a new mapping feature, Point Addressing. Many destinations are now geocoded to a precise location, rather than to an address range, making routing more precise than ever before.
3D Landmark Icons and Updated POI Icons
The AVIC-Z2's graphic map interface features 3D landmark icons for airports, amusement parks, golf courses, stadiums, and zoos. POI icons appear on the map en route, making it easy to identify the locations closest to your path.
Traffic Icons and Traffic Flow Lanes
An enhanced display of traffic conditions of a 1.0 ~ 2.5-mile map scales provides maximum navigation efficiency.
Bluetooth Voice Operation*
Dial any of your programmed entries on the internal hard disk phone book with a simple voice command.
*Requires use of the Pioneer ND-BT1 adapter (sold separately)
General Features:

In-dash DVD Player/Navigation system with built-in amplifier
Motorized 7“ LCD Touchscreen
Fits double DIN sized dash openings
For the best fit, Pioneer ADT-VA133 required and sold separately
Blue button lighting
Power Output:
Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels
RMS: 22 watts x 4 channels
CD Text Display
MP3 ID3 Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album)
1-year SonicElectronix.com warranty
Playback and Audio Features:

Playback of CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, MP3, and WMA
SupertunerIII D with 18FM/6AM presets
3-Band parametric EQ
Expandability Options:

3 Sets of 2.2V preamp outputs (front, rear and subwoofer)
SIRIUS or XM Satellite Radio Ready: A subscription is required for service as well as either the Pioneer SIRIUS Satellite Radio Package or Pioneer XM Radio Package
Bluetooth Ready: Pioneer ND-BT1 Bluetooth module required and sold separately
iPod Ready: Pioneer CD-IB100II iPod adapter required and sold separately
Rear auxiliary input: RCA Audio/Video Inputs
Rearview Camera Ready: Pioneer ND-BC2 required and sold separately
CD Changer controls
Key Features:

Turn-by-turn map and voice guidance
Built-in 30GB hard drive performs navigation functions
Stores up to 10GB of music files
64MB Internal memory
Voice command capability; microphone included
Text-to-speech technology announces the names of most roads
Ability to remember frequently traveled roads and suggests familiar routes
Smart routing algorithm takes data, such as, posted speed limits and number of turns into account to suggest the most efficient route possible
12 Million points of interest
One year of free Roadside Assistance Service
Tri-zone capable
Smarter GPS Navigation and Familiar Path Routing
The AVIC-Z2 uses a "smart routing algorithm" to analyze and assess routes by taking into account current road data like posted speed limits, the number of turns to the destination, etc. The AVIC-Z2 is unlike any other navigation unit... it actually recommends the most efficient path. It also conveniently "remembers" your frequently traveled roads and uses that personal historical information to help you navigate.

Voice Recognition / Smarter Voice Recognition
The AVIC-Z2 has advanced voice recognition that makes voice command easier than ever. You can search for destinations by saying a name such as "McDonald's" without having to specify a category, such as "restaurant." Full address searches can be done by saying the city name, street name, and address. The system can also accept multiple commands, such as "go to LAX or display Oakland." Additionally, the system can recognize a larger vocabulary, allowing you use alternative words for the same command - such as "go to" or "search," instead of "destination." Voice commands for Audio and Video sources and other attachments like Bluetooth wireless-enabled cell phones are just as easy.

Follow Your Guide
The AVIC-Z2 uses a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine and Tele Atlas phoneme data, which enables the system to accurately pronounce street names during voice guidance. For example, the system will pronounce "turn right on La Jolla Street" with an "H", greatly improving its assistance ability.

Gracenote CDDB - Store Songs Internally. Command Playback Vocally.
Want quick access to tons of songs? The AVIC-Z2 allows use of up to 10 gigabytes of its HDD space for a music library. You can listen to music while at the ripping and storing tracks at 4 times the playing speed. The system also includes the Gracenote CDDB™ Music Recognition Service, which automatically "tags" the music you record with the artist name, song title, genre, and album title. This allows you to conveniently access songs by simply saying the artist name, song title, genre, or album title.

Bluetooth Technology - Go Wireless with Bluetooth*
Take your hands off your phone and call safer using the AVIC-Z2 with Bluetooth wireless-enabled cellular phones for easy, hands-free operation, which allows you to talk via the headunit's microphone and your vehicle's speaker system. To make calling even easier, you can store the phone book on the Z2's hard disk and access it by voice or the touch screen display. For even greater convenience, you can access phone numbers associated with the POI database, letting you call the location you are being guided to. *Optional Pioneer ND-BT1 adapter required and sold separately.

"Factory-Fit" Style
There's no need to worry about the AVIC-Z2 looking good in your dash. The Z2 is designed for a perfect fit in many vehicles that feature a "double-DIN" size. The system seems to melt into the dashboard, providing a fit and finish similar to factory systems. The front panel is motorized to provide access to the hidden disc slots, and the default position can be set to any of 6 choices for the optimum viewing angle.

Just a Touch Away
Using Pioneer's navigation system is a snap. Just touch large, bright icons on the screen to navigate menus, plot routes, or change map views. An easy to read status indicator provides current location information, turn distances and approximate time to destination. The touch screen has extremely fast response rates and a wide viewing angle.

Best Seat in the House
Besides being a navigation system, the AVIC-Z2 is a full-featured mobile entertainment hub. The built-in DVD/CD player allows you to play either DVD Video (for the rear seat entertainment capability), or CDs with audio or MP3 files. If you're a radio listener you'll get great sounding AM/FM radio from the high-performance Supertuner IIID tuner and you can expand the Z2 with a digital satellite radio tuner to enjoy even more music options on XM or Sirius Satellite Radio. Whatever your media preference, the music comes alive with maximum power (MOSFET50) and sound performance (Easy EQ).

iPod Ready - Connect and Direct Your iPod
If you're the type to listen to your iPod everywhere you go, you'll love the ability to access your iPod library through your car stereo via the AVIC-Z2. The Pioneer iPod adapter (Pioneer CD-IB100II required and sold separately) allows direct control and playback of iPod via the large touch panel display. Easily connect an iPod via this dedicated adapter and using the intuitive on-screen interface, listeners can scroll through the iPod library and play music.

Watch Your Vehicle's Rear
Keep an eye on your backside using the optional Rear View Camera (Pioneer ND-BC2 required and sold separately). Two rear-view modes are offered: while you're in reverse the rear-view camera can be in full screen. Or while moving forward, you can also see what's behind you with the rear-view split screen, which displays both the navigation map and the rear-view camera image.

XM NavTrafficTraffic
Never Fear Fighting traffic will never be the same again. Using the optional Pioneer GEX-P10XMT XM NavTraffic Satellite Radio Tuner, XM NavTraffic™* powered by NAVTEQ Traffic allows Pioneer Navigation Systems to serve as a powerful tool in helping understand traffic conditions and routing the driver to their destination, avoiding traffic congestion. If there is a traffic jam on the route to your destination, the Navigation System will automatically alert you, and suggest any alternate route found by the unit.
*Requires XM radio subscription and XM NavTraffic™ service subscriptions sold separately.

$600.00 obo possible partial trade on pioneer 880prs

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