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06-19-2013, 03:07 AM

Before I update to the current ish, hereís the past build of the tail end of last year:

Figured itís time to finally tart a build log on muh truck, even though Iím terrible at keeping photo updatesÖso letís see. Started working on the truck back in novemeber with ****** weather, so everything was pretty rushed to get a working system installed before the bad weather hit and I lost working in the garage to the folks cars.

Hereís le picture of muh car (98 Maliboom) and muh suv (01 Explorer)

Where to startÖhmm well after running wire through the truck, the first thing I bought was le equipment from Dave aka la crx:


-DD M80
-DD 9012
-DD CS 6.5

Had Dustin Camb design and build meh a beater box until I had time to mess around with cosmetics in the spring

Also around this time (now December) I came across a great deal on a z120, so I bought that and installed it as well (explorer dash is a ***** that is about .75Ē of trim too large around the radio bezel to fit a DD


Anywho, trimmed it out and got that ish in:



I was also deadening the whole car with this GT MAT sound deading stuff- not the greatest, but ballin on a budget in a daily beater and 100+ sq ft for 100 bucks will sway a man.



Bought some other small ish for it too like a Kicker EQ for the mids that I have yet to install as well as the mids themselves and an HC 2400 from John



So on the brink of winter I got the sub amp and DD installed then winter hit and I was out messing around in the snow in it (yay 4wd) and had no real time to work on the truck, so this is how itís looked for the past 5ish months.


06-19-2013, 03:26 AM
Alright so winter is finally over with and I left my job to do some career searching, so Iíve had a lot of time to spend with my cars. Fixed up the boom and sheís rollin again


Onward to the current activities:

So over winter, I got lazy because I had no work space and needed some speaker rings really bad. I cheaped out and bought thes POS abs plastic pods that really ****, but they do the job.


The 01 explorer doors are kind of annoying because they have this lame arse pockt right where I wanted the speakers. So I cut the pocket out and caulked the pods to em


Wrapped them in some fleece from Walmart and got to glassing on them (I went up so far on the door to cover up those OEM speaker grills in case youíre wondering- the doors ****** so I decided to glass almost the whole panel)


A butt ton of glassing and body fillign later the doors start to take shape:



And then it was time to re test fit the doors to make sure they didnít warp with all the glass and filler


Sooo after all of that I plasti dipped the whole doors, got out my super 77 glue and went to town on finishing them


Andddd hereís where Iím currently at with the doors. They just need a ton of clear on them and then they are set and ready for those CS6.5s


And because Iím only allowed 10 pics to a post, my next entry will be of what Iím doing now and Iím too tired and lazy to go onÖhereís a sneak peak thanks to Buck though!

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w283/slammedincouch/seanhaley2audiotechnixstrato18s4thorderwallxray_zp sa68e6fca.png

06-19-2013, 03:29 AM
Looks like a big box of FUN!!

06-19-2013, 03:58 AM
Your doors are insane haha.
That's definitely a first for me

06-19-2013, 08:44 PM
Your doors are insane haha.
That's definitely a first for me

Stickerbombing FTW I haven't decided what I'm doing to the box yet, but I have a pretty good idea that I think should make a lot of people laugh, but at the same time think "That's pretty cool too."

Also the stickers are super 77 to 3 coats of plastidip, so if I ever feel like changing to something a little more mild, I just have to peel off that and boom, back to primed door panels.

So0o0o let's see got these bad boys in last Weds


Oh also I forgot to mention I retired the M80 to its box a few months ago so now it's all like


Sup M1C Awhh Yeahh. I'm a sucker/OCD about matching amps if I can be...

Monday I picked up all of this- was a lot of fun moving 7 sheets of 3/4" mdf around


and then


and then


and then and then and then and then

I love beam compasses ftw perfect for drawing big ol circles


So that's where I'm at right now. All that's left is to cut out the bracing pieces and route them sub baffles. I'm trying to decide if I want to do an oval around the two subs or just two separate flush mount rings int he top baffle...I'll probably decide later tonight and knock that out tomorrow. I'm hoping that I'll be gluin and screwin by tomorrow afternoon.

Looks like a big box of FUN!!

Did I mention I'll be walling this into the explorer?

06-20-2013, 12:20 AM
Finishing up for the night- only things left to cut are the 45s and the baffles tomorrow


06-24-2013, 01:51 AM
Had a pretty busy weekend, so I didn't get a whole lot of time to work on the box. Got a few things glued and screwed, but not much. Also waiting for my new circle jig to get here and a few random things to arrive that will be going into the truck. The weather forecast for this week isn't looking too great at the moment, but hopefully I can get the last few things I need cut at some point.

In the meantime, here's a pic that I dubbed, "Bro, does your box even lift?"


06-25-2013, 02:01 AM
Got some mo picks. Feeling a little under the weather (pretty sure it's an upper respiratory infection), so I've been taking it easy for the day, but I got my circle jig in, so I decided to start...Gettin circle jiggy wit it (na na na na na na na nana na na na na nana)


Debating if I'm going to leave these as so or cut it into an elliptical/oval flush mount


got the first part of the rear piece on with the window so I can get to the subs (hoping I won't need to).


Tomorrow I'll toss the sides on and see how I'm feeling from there. Projecting that I finish the box by Friday and then comes the fun part of lifting it into the truck...

06-25-2013, 06:54 PM
Looks nice so far

06-25-2013, 06:58 PM
IDk if I told you this but if you want a lower tuning you can mess around with that port. 4th's and walls are difficult, so you might want to mess around with tuning some if you want it lower. I did it specifically so you could lower the tuning if you wanted. Give me feedback and I'll let you know what I think and what we can do.

06-25-2013, 07:13 PM
Tuned in sir

06-25-2013, 08:33 PM
IDk if I told you this but if you want a lower tuning you can mess around with that port. 4th's and walls are difficult, so you might want to mess around with tuning some if you want it lower. I did it specifically so you could lower the tuning if you wanted. Give me feedback and I'll let you know what I think and what we can do.

Cool man I'll shoot you an email now

Tuned in sir

Woot Pluggin away on it now- should have half of the box built by tonight

06-25-2013, 10:36 PM
Alright done for the night and made pretty good progress today

Got the sides up in the morning


Finished the routing on the upper sub baffle that you probably won't see unless you look directly into the port or until I put an acrylic window on the back.


Lastly, I got the lower baffle in place and screwed/glued in



Tomorrow I just need to get the front and ported chamber braces, pick up 8 bolts from le store and then get her all together. If it rains I'm le screwed.

06-27-2013, 12:33 AM
Small update for the day:

got the rest of the bracing cut today as well as the front piece as well s the misc stuff from the store I needed to grab. Got the other baffle in and just laid some paint on it. Also got the side bracing up as well.




Check back tomorrow for the final assembly and then it's on to the cometic stuff next week.

06-27-2013, 02:03 AM
i picked up one of those 18s for shits and giggles. let me know how this goes so i know if its worth me building a box for. had mine wired at 4 ohm on a free air and i could still feel the car flex

06-28-2013, 01:28 AM
i picked up one of those 18s for shits and giggles. let me know how this goes so i know if its worth me building a box for. had mine wired at 4 ohm on a free air and i could still feel the car flex

Almost to the testing stage for me! Will definitely keep this updated on my impressions of them

06-28-2013, 01:40 AM
Almost finished with everything- tomorrow for sure. I'll be up at 8am finishing up what little is left. Today I got the top bracing finished off, 3 out of 4 of the 45s in, the front piece as well as the port:




Got a little saw trigger happy with the port on the front piece- need to fill in an eighth inch gap that I took out of it, on the bottom part




Forgot to take pictures of the second piece of wood cut out to cover the rear window for now and the holes for the bolts for wiring (two bolts per voice coil so I can change the ohm load without taking the subs out of the box to switch from .5 and 2). I'll get those for tomorrow

Tomorrow all I have to do is get the last 45 in, calk up the ported chamber, finish putting in a few screws here and there, toss a little paint in the port/ported chamber, toss on the top and wire up the subs

06-28-2013, 11:20 PM
Another small, but "filled" update. Just got started around an hour ago- I've been out of the garage all day. Got some paint on the box today- plasti dip on the front and a $2 can of spray paint on the side (you'll ever see the sides, so they can look like loose bhole for all I care. "


Had to fix the front peice a little where the port is from getting saw happy. Little bit of body filler here and there over some screws and also back tracing to some screws inside the box that i missed. I didn't bother to get the ones on the front piece, due to the fact that when I'm finished, you won't see them.


Also filled the 2x2- wasn't going to be a nice looking brace without it



Picked up some more supplies at the store today:
more silicone sealant for inside the box, some matte clear to test on the box when I'm finished and also found some


white plasti dip (awhh yeah) Gonna respray the port once I sand it a tad and respray the lower baffle (I love plasti dip, meh about regular spray on shiz)

Possible updated to follow tonight depending on how much I get done. Tomorrow I'll have a full day on it, so my ideas that I have rolling around should start coming together and the subs Will be in the box by tomorrow night.

06-30-2013, 04:25 AM
Hugeee day of working- I've been out there on and off for the past 14 hours working on cosmetics and I'm almost done, but I ran out of clear (fuuuu) so I won't finish until tomorrow when I can get to the store for more. Didn't take a whole lot of pictures today- mostly because I won't be showing the box until I finish it. Definitely will be an interesting cosmetic situation. Anywho, onto the pics:

Went back and reprimed the inside of the box


Finished up the body filler on the 2x2 support. Turned out decent- would have been better if I spent another half hour on it but meh just a 2x2


Kept going back and forth on port color for at least an hour today haha. Couldn't decide whether I wanted it black or white. Eventually I went with white, but decided it was too clashy with the interior colors. went back and decided a nice grey primer looked best (as shown above)


dipped most of the inside of the box, or at least what you'll be able to see if someone wants to peak into it for what ever reason...

Like I said above, i won't be showing any pictures of the fornt of the box until I finish it tomorrow, but I think it's turning out pretty great. Tomorrow I'm just going to clear, screw the top of the box on and wire up the subs. Getting pretty anxious and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to finish up the door panels (keep forgetting they need a few more coats of clear to finish up).

06-30-2013, 11:54 PM
Box Looks clean nice job

07-01-2013, 12:38 AM
THE BOX IS IN Sweet baby jeeeeesus it was not easy especially getting it in there alone...had to remove the rear plastic panels, the 2/3 part of the seating and all of the mats (got my weather tech underneath it woot) but yeah. It's in, but not playing yet. Tomorrow I'll get the subs in and the amp hooked up to test it out. Need to make an amp rack still and finish off the panel pieces. Any who, onto the pictures!

Started by clearing out all the equipment that used to be in the back...now jump ahead to after dinner. had to start by sliding the box in sideways, then pushing it forward, then removing all the the plastic paneling and then finally the seat. My garage is a heap of my interior currently.


box pushed forward with my battery chilling still hooked up- should have unhooked it (which I ended up doing later), but for now yolo



Still adjusting- tissue box is trying to help out


Pushing it forward some more to get the weather tech mat under it.

And finally, she is in. HUGE accomplishment and pumped to finally be almost finished. my only issue now is that the seats don't really lock into place anymore...seems like they still work though. And now for the revealing of the front- most people are either going to love it or hate it, but regardless, it's on plasti dip. i can remove it at any point to do something else:



07-01-2013, 01:41 AM
Crazy to see that huge box in there!
Excited to see it with subs in and playing

07-09-2013, 03:59 AM
Sorry I haven't updated this in around a week- I've been super busy between maintenance work at the cottage, getting estimates on the cost of a new fence, helping my dad around the house with random projects, oversleeping in, desktop computer dying and the darn weather, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the explorer or get pics.

Got the subs in and the back piece screwed on, subs wired up and them playing, but haven't gotten a lot of time to start fine tuning. Set the gain, ssf, and lpf with some tones, then tested it on a couple songs. Keep in mind I have D2s (only thing left byt he time I decided to buy a pair), so my options are limited to 2 and .5 ohm on my M1c. I started off at 2 ohms and wasn't really impressed with the 700ish watts both subs were getting, so I decided to wire down to .5 and HOT **** they sounded a lot better. My only issue right now is that the gains were set on the powerful eq (anytime I reset the headunit from pulling the neg terms, the darn hu resets to the powerful eq). It's super annoying, and I'm OCD about having the hu eq on flat, so I'll be getting around to fixing that.

On that note however, I was monitoring the crap out of my voltage and amp at .5- amp seems to get a little warm for my liking (used to my warhorse running cold to touch), so I may switch to something that does power at 2ohms (hint someone give me a deal/trade offer on an ol skool mmats or rf amp that's rated for ~1200 2ohms) but I have No Voltage issues. I'm resting on half tilt at 13.7-13.4 and I haven't even upgraded my wire...btw got this in the mail at the beginning of last week:


As soon as I snag some wire loom, I'll be upgrading dat big 3 under the hood and also swapping the run of meh soundquest wire that's running through the vehicle to 1-2 runs (got it for free and budget was tight last december). I'm happy that without it right now, my voltage is fine, but if you know anything about me, I'm all about Overkill when it comes to electrical.

The other thing I still need to do is figure out my amp rack situation. Originally I was going to toss this together between the box and the tailgate:


But I don't feel like there's enough ventilation back there, especially after I seal it off. So stay tuned for another idea.

In the next few days, I should have the door panels back in, rear seats, and the whole thing playing finally. Will try to get videos up as soon as possible, but be prepared for kind of meh footage. Can't wait until I get some time to actually play with them! Overall, I've only had about 10 minutes of playtime total at half tilt to mess around with them, so stay tuned!

07-13-2013, 02:35 AM
Can you get any vids of it Playing?

07-13-2013, 04:12 AM
Are you "aware" by any chance, the words you sometimes use leads me to believe...

Any who, nice build... I like

07-13-2013, 10:44 AM
I like how the plexi window and port also doubles as a back up window. Great idea

07-30-2013, 09:28 PM
Let the build resume!


Picked this pretty piece up today. Probably won't have any updates for another week or so, but they'll get here. Didn't end up selling or trading the stratos also, so I'll hopefully do another build with them down the line

08-01-2013, 11:20 PM
Small update for the day...


Couldn't remember how to get that bad boy outta there...


Eventually though...


Should have a box design by Friday ready to go. Update on the Stratos: guy locally wants to check them out, but won't buy them without a box that will fit in his cargo area- the 4th is too tall, so I'm hoping to just get a cheap design thrown together for a 12ft^3 ported box to send the guy off with/I really want to see how they sound in another enclosure type.

08-06-2013, 01:12 AM
Small update for the day...

R.I.P. 4th order...we hardly knew yee...



Really sad to see it go, but happy to see my suspension back. Gonna probably try to salvage some of the pieces for beauty panels...think there's about 3 in there I can cut down and work with.

Truck is back together- all interior panels and seats have been reinstalled.

Box is getting there...that part should be finished up by tomorrow hopefully. The cargo area beauty panels and the sub baffle are probably going to take me around 1-2 weeks to do. i'm still playing around with some of the ideas I had for it and I want to make sure this setup suits me before I build it in all the way.



08-06-2013, 01:19 AM
nice, its coming along nicely.. looking forward to seeing a finished product bro.

08-07-2013, 09:45 PM
Another small update- got this done earlier today, unsure if I'll get more time to work on it later.

Got the port altogether


Sprayed the port with primer- not sure if I want to leave it this way, spray it black, or spray it silver (truck interior is grey, equipment is black, and accent on all of it is silver, so it's a tough decision).



And port is in and lifting. Put some saw dust and glue between everything for now and will add caulking over it once it dries. Only things left: glue the 45 in the port, glue and screw the top baffle, and caulk the whole box up. Then I can do some testing and get started on the beauty panels

Also update on the stratos: got the design in today for the new box on those- going a little smaller than most ported boxes with them to see how they do, but it's still within what AT recommends for them. Trying to decide if I'm going to keep them or sell them. Guess I'll figure that out after I get some play time on the 5.

08-08-2013, 03:21 AM
Threw in a couple extra man hours tonight to get this thing done. Mostly just 20-30 minutes of work followed by an hour of rest time to let things dry aka not a lot of work that was left to do, just time consuming:



I typically give the caulk about 12+ hours of dry time (that's what she said)- I absolutely hate the smell of it- it's like vinegar mixed with the feeling of burning nostril hairs when I get a whiff of it from sticking my head in the box trying to make sure it's applied evenly. Should have some testing done by tomorrow night/Friday morning. If she passes the approval checklist, then it's onward to the beauty panels or off to cl and the start of another build...hoping it's not the latter.

08-10-2013, 01:59 AM
Got the box and sub into the explorer today, but by the time I got everything in and the amp all set, I ha to jet. Tomorrow I'll get some testing in. From the few moments I had with it, it seemed to be decently loud. Nowhere near flexing the crap out of it with the M1c hooked up, but still enjoyable and louder than the stratos off 500watts in the 4th/9012 setup. I'll try and get some videos up if my flip is charged or I can find another one of my old video cameras.

For now, here's a pic of the box. Put some body filler on the screw holes in the front and THINK I finally have an idea of what I'm going to be doing with the cosmetics and beauty panels.


08-14-2013, 01:06 AM
Had a little time to work on the build today. Pretty much at this point, I'm just trying to get everything in and playing and then worrying about the fine tuned stuff later i.e. beauty panels and cleaning up all my wires.

So anyone who owns an 01 explorer or some other stupid cars has the **** wiring harness issue when trying to run new speaker wire...

this is literally the only thing that runs into the door sooo

had to drill into it- got a little sloppy, but I've been "advised" by the geezers in my neighborhood to not take the door off the hinge/unbolt anything, etc. That being said, nobody will help me pull the door off and I don't have any room to work in the garage atm. So attempting to drill at an angle and hope for the best is my best option right now. Got the door fine:



And now I need to get the inside of the door jam done, but my drill batteries died...so I'll be working on that tomorrow. For the remainder of the time I had to work, I pretty much stuck to deadening the doors I have yet to deaden with my meh deadener (but it was cheap, so yolo still).


I got really hungry half way in, so I still have a lot to go tomorrow.

Started to play around with the port loading by accident as well. I had this cool idea for the amp rack, but it's going to require me to move the box up about 6 inches. I really like where it sits right now- height it perfectly aligned with below the seats and window line once I get the flush baffle on.

Anyways I originally had the start of the port 16 inches from the hatch and I came up with another idea for where the amps will go and how they'll be mounted that won't require me to lift the box. So just to test fit everything, I moved the box towards the hatch and gave the port a little over 7 inches from the hatch. Wanted to check to see if it made any difference in output or cause any issues with it being closer to the hatch. Fired her up and BOOM- output was like night and day in terms of how loud she was playing. She sounds A Lot louder with the port unloading closer to the hatch. I was happy with where I had it to start, but I was Impressed with the amount of output I'm getting off of the M1c.

It makes me wonder about how the Stratos would be in the ported enclosure I have sitting here waiting to be built, but I only want to build it if I'm selling them to someone local/I still don't like how warm my amp runs at .5 even after all the rise. We'll see though, maybe I'll get bored in a few weeks, build it, and check out how it does at 2ohms. Any who, here's a picture of the box and where the M1c is now/ WIRE SPAGHETTI.



More updates to follow.

08-18-2013, 01:35 AM
I have had a ridiculously terrible past few days with the build. Just bad luck after bad luck after bad luck...

so I took a break from beauty panels, finished up deadening the doors and started getting to the door speakers.

so first issue of the week- the DD CS 6.5s

the xovers I have for the set are only for the tweeters...

Run the mids active? NP. I have the perfect amp to pair them with. But the tweets...Only option is to run them off the hu power ("50watts" per channel)

So while I'm trying to sleep on thurs night, I decided I wanted to use something else in the doors- something that I have passive xovers for because I don't want to run active without a good active hu (my 80prs is in the maliboom and I need to have the double din in the explorer- it's just too convenient)

Wake up on thursday and it was time to get busy on my trunk lid


Anybody recognize dat comp se? Yup it's my HSK 165s from way back when. Super pumped to get them installed. I power up the hu, test the side I have everything drilled into and it sounds like it's going to be great! So I go to get the other mid down from the lid to test on the other side and guess what?



I was legit so upset. I have no idea what happened to it. The only thing I can conjure up what happened was that when the xbox was originally installed, it blew the mid. When we put it in, there was no way to control the volume and when it turned out it was ridiculously too loud. This was god knows how long ago- showing you how much I really use that xbox in my trunk. Eventually I put an rca volume knob on it, but it must have gone before then and I just never noticed.

I decided there's no use crying over spilled milk and decided I'm going to have to send it in to see how much it's going to cost to get fixed once I have another job.

So then I scraped the idea of doing a passive setup and went back to the idea of active mids. I'm to the point of putting the last screw in the mid to the door and BAM, my hand slips, screw driver punctures right through the surround in my brand new cs 6.5 mid. I started yelling and shouting and pretty much throwing a tantrum/kicking myself for allowing it to happen. Mid plays fine, but this it the first time I've EVER been careless enough to puncture a surround. I don't have pcitrues of it, just because I'm trying to forget it happened...

So finally, I'm here:



And now I'm just trying to decide what I'm doing. I HAD everything hooked up and working, but I feel like the tweeters are barely audible (they aren't, but I hate the idea of HU power.) I contemplated using the crescendo 1000c4 for the mids on ch 1 and 2 and tweets on ch 3 and 4, but the hpf doesn't go past 1khz...so that's a no. The C1B goes to 5khz, but I feel like the crescendo is just going to waste in the install/I don't really have room for it in the build's amp rack.

~~~Expect to see the Crescendo 1000c4 up for sale this week/PM me if you're interested in it~~~

Tomorrow I SHOULD just put the tweets back on hu power, but instead, I'm going to grab one of my 2 channel old school amps out of another car and see how it sounds on the tweets. If it sounds good, I'm just a set of rca's and a fuse holder short of powering them.

Hopefully good news to follow in the next two days...

08-21-2013, 08:37 PM
good stuff!!

09-07-2013, 08:20 PM
It's been a while since i last updated this thread soo0o0o let's see

Found an amp for my tweets, decided to go with my OS alpine 3542 (60x2)

Haven't built an amp rack still because I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my substage. The lvl5 is nice and all, but I still just want to see what the Stratos will do in a regular slot ported box. I tried selling them locally, but either nobody wanted them without an enclosure, the 4th was too big (before I tore it down), or the person who wanted them didn't want to pay for 2 sheets of MDF for me to build a box for them (this one was the most frustrating of all)

So I said fohgettabout it and had Antonio aka Catman design me up a quick box for them. Ended up going with 9.6 net ft^3 tuned to 32hz for the box- went a little smaller because Coleman in one of the caco threads said that the 18s would do nice in 4.5-5 ft^3, so fuggit I'll try it.

Because nobody would pay for me to build the box and also because I'm not about to go spend money on 2 sheets of wood when I'm not even certain IF I'm going to keep the subs, I decided to make a "Recycled box." By that I mean I took all the pieces I could still somewhat use from the 4th order build, cut them down ,and reused whatever I could from it. The only real semi-raggity pieces were the sides- they were pretty torn up, but still useable. any extra holes from screws have been filled in with titebond/saw dust paste.

Got all the wood cut yesterday and picked up a buttload of glue

Started tossing the box together today. I've been working for the past 5-6 hours on it


Test fitting the top baffle- I should have gone about .25" more towards the ends with the baffle cutout, but I'm not going to waste any wood I don't need to for a box that I'm not sure if I'm keeping. The subs fit in there, they're just super close/baskets basically touch.

Used 4" worth of stacked wood to get the port and front level and even for 4 inches of port throughout



anddd she's done. Just need to get some titedust paste on the inside corners, drill out holes for the bolts to wire the subs up, and then toss in the subs. I should be testing them tomorrow. Decided that I'm going to just wire them up to a 2ohm load on the m1c and give them rated power- they should do decent between the power and enclosure, so I guess we'll see tomorrow. If I decide to keep them, then I'll probably carpet and stickerbomb the box. Stay tuned for testing tomorrow.

09-08-2013, 02:25 PM
Got up early before all the football and got the subs in the explorer and wired up



Got about 10 minutes of play time on them and here are my impressions off of 780ish watts:

-The subs sound A Lot better to me in a slot ported enclosure compared to all the space and weight I gave up for the 4th order. It just isn't worth it to me.

-The subs sound great in anywhere from 4-5ft^3 per sub for the 18" versions. Yet again a nice space saver for someone with stock suspension that doesn't want to sag. The enclosure and subs seem to weigh a little bit less than the lvl5 with the enclosure which is another plus.

-Tried to get a variety of music going on them. Tested them on some dub (nero's remix of ghosts and stuff), rap (a$ap rockie wild for the night), pop-ish (bruno mars gorilla), and older stuff (the eagles witchy woman). Everything sounded pretty good throughout the whole setup minus the alt wine I have in the tweets that I need to fix -_- I'm gonna try and throw some more music at it later including some country, trap, os rap, etc

Overall feeling about the Stratos is that I think I'm going to end up keeping them and possibly wiring them down to .5 and giving them ~1000-1100watts. For someone looking to do a low power and low budget build, these are great subs. I'm not saying they're the loudest subs I've ever heard, but for a daily daily vehicle to get me through the winter months, they get decently loud and sound great doing so in the right enclosure (4-5ft^3 per sub; I'd say probably 4.5-4.7 is around a good place to have them). Not to mention that there aren't a lot of low power 18s in the market. I'd love to eventually test out some of the 12 and 15 inch versions to see how they compare, but for now these will do it.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to be doing as far as the amp rack and then I should be pretty set for winter. Stay tuned.

11-01-2013, 09:09 PM
nice build.

01-21-2014, 05:20 AM
Finally moved my build log over to MAF, so figured I'd update this as well...


So last time I updated this was in September. Since then:

Got an offer I couldn't refuse on the AT Stratos. Had to sell because I already have too many subs. Kid claims he shattered the rear glass on his explorer, but I still highly doubt that's the case, taking into consideration that he couldn't even figure out how to wire them to a 2 ohm load.

My stock alt started taking a dump right after I sold the stratos (we're talking chilling between 11.9 and 11.5 without any audio hooked up). Immediately made this purchase:



It's dope. Here's what it looks like installed. Cleanest thing under that hood.


I also upgraded all the wire under the hood finally to the DIYMA oversized 1/0 wire I purchased wayyyy back when they had that sale.


Always chilling at 14.2 now and it's amazing.

Before I update this on what's inside the explorer now, I think it's time to update this on things that HELD UP my build. I've had A LOT of issues with this vehicle and dry rot. it has not been my friend. At some point during its previous ownership to my parents, my dad tried to fix things on it with globs and globs of Body Filler (anyone who's friends with me on FB knows about this and there's been some great jokes at his automobile fixing techniques expense). Any who, here's the super fudged tailgate I've had to deal with (literally the whole bottom is straight body filler):


Truck then got to the point where it was rotting right through and wouldn't even lock (yep can even unlock the window with ease and possibly some tetanus)


The Ford way to fix it


The other major issue was the rear driver's side fender. completely rotted away thanks to the winters we have here and the salt. Here's after I removed my dad's mess of straight bondo.


I've got pictures of what it used to look like, and it was BAD. Didn't even look like a fender at all. There's also some more dry rot in that picture...


Yum. So me being me, I Wanted to have everything fixed the correct way with torching off all the bad and welding on some new sheet metal, but I don't have the tools, nor is the truck worth that kind of money at this point to fix it that way, so I fixed it as best I could with a ton of fiberglassing and cleaning it up with a small amount of bondo. My dad saw what I was doing and Tried to help, but he doesn't understand the concept of "a little bit of bondo goes a long way" SO here's what it looked like AFTER I sanded off all the bondo he slapped on it when I was out running errands one day.


At some point in time I got it to a finished quality, primed it and dipped it and never took any pictures of all the rust i had taken off the rest of the truck.

01-21-2014, 05:23 AM
Bottom of the doors were beginning to accumulate some rust at the bottom, so I sanded it off, bondo'd, primed, and dipped:


End result:


I dipped a bunch of other things on the explorer, but I don't have any pictures of it atm. Will have to take some pictures once the temp goes to 32 again aka not until later this week.

I also purchased a new tailgate back in November that has been sitting in the garage. Kind of pissed because I bought it off ebay, was told by the yard I bought it from that it was in AA condition aka best of the best with no minor defects and fully functional, but it arrived with a huge scratch/dent combo on one side and the rear wiper motor is broken. It looks better than what I had on there thought:


Have the whole tailgate dipped blacked, not because it looks good, but because it keep all the salt and moisture off the paint aka no rusted away tailgate. Need to get pictures of this as well.

I'll update this in the afternoon tomorrow with all the audio stuff when I wake up. Need to get some food and sleep for now. Also have the hiccups.

01-21-2014, 08:01 PM
AD: NEW Audioz/Current Build As of 1/21/14

Audio Update:

So still haven't had the M3 8s fixed, which means...


Lvl 5 went back in.

Also decided I really wasn't feeling the CS 6.5s. I was having some major issues with alt whine because I didn't have a nice single speaker wire that could be ran into a passive crossover that would splice the frequencies for the woofer and the tweet (aka one +/- line in to wf +/- and tw +/-) and as you know about the previous run in with the doors, I couldn't fit another run of it in. So I had to basically cut into the factory speaker wire between the door and the HU to get the tweets amped.

Any-who, it ****** and I couldn't stand the amount of feedback I was getting from the way I had things.

Decided to get these:


They're ****


I also got some more power for them too...


150x2 @ 1-4ohms is a beautiful thing. I love this amp and would totally switch over to more JL slash or HD series given the chance to.

Wasn't even going to attempt to screw these into the doors (which I will be redoing come spring) without added support. originally I had some ghetto pieces of mdf blocks holding them in, but they ****** and the holes also needed to be cut a little bigger



Made these, which I should have done from the beginning, but didn't have a proper router and jig setup to do so, but it's fixed so it's all good for now.

SO originally the plan was to do a direct swap from the DD comps to the JBLs. Of course nothing is that easy though. The mids fit in the door with a little cutting, but the mounts for the tweeters were another story. the T2 mounts were larger than the JBL's aka they just fell right through the panel's cutout when I went to test fit them. So no go there. Have to leave the tweets in the door to keep them sealed up too.

Decided to just leave the T2s in and run them, figure something out with the JBLs later on down the line and just get everything back to playing.

HATED the passive crossovers. Compared to how I had the DDs ran active (minus the alt whine), the crossovers felt like they were extremely limiting in the bandwidth freq.

On top of that, the T2 tweets were also distorting on higher frequencies due to being able to handle the power they were getting. I didn't want them in there regardless, so this was just getting to the straw that broke the camels back point...

01-21-2014, 08:02 PM
At this point, I decided to just say forget it- going back to to active with a vengeance. Plan was to move the tweets because A) I couldn't get a nice run into the door and B) there's better place to put them.

Thought it might also be a good idea, considering the surplus on 2 channel amps I had and an AudioControl 4XS that I bought back in 2011 that i've never used, to buy some mid range drivers for that added bandwidth (first time having dedicated midrange speakers in a car). After reading a ton of reviews on diyma, I decided to buy a pair of Fountek fr88ex drivers- they had great reviews and were within my price range.

Onto the pictures:

The very FIRST thing I did was test out that all the amps worked and that my plan would work.

Plan was:
JBL Mids > JL 300/2
JBL Tweets > DD C1b
Fountek Full Range drivers > Alpine 3542


Here are the founteks and the mdf flush mounted rings I made for them

Here's the crappy a pillars I have to work with- they're super limited in size/space (especially on the driver's side) and I wanted to mount them in a way where I wouldn't block any of my vision


Also should mention due to the limited amount of space, the drivers would be best mounted on axis. It was a good choice.

A LOT OF FRUSTRATION went into this part of the build. Trying to angle, hot glue, test to see if the FR driver was going to fit between the pillar and this stupid piece of metal that was in the way, and make sure that everything was Goldie Locks took FOREVER. I spent about 4 hours trying to get everything right, then tearing everything down, redoing, cutting more of the pillar away, rinse and repeat. Eventually I got the angles down correctly and decided they were as good as they could get.


Originally started them up high and then gradually made them go lower. also had to cut away some of the pillar so that they would look alright once they were wrapped up and glassed.


Believe they were too close to the windshield here, so I had to pull them off and redo things AGAIN.

Frustration made me skip a lot of the next few steps (i.e. the finished angles, wrapping and so on). So here's what they looked liek after a coat of resin and hardener

Looked like loose B-hole. I know. Speaking of which, new Workaholics tonight. Don't forget to watch that ish.



Went back after this, chopped into them. Made some cuts to glass over and basically give them a better shape. Idk why I only have pictures of the driver's side unfinished. Though I took some of the passeneger side, but I guess not....

After some more layers of glass and stuff, I got to the filler stage...once again, thought I took more pictures than I did, but I didn't. Here's the first coat on them


and here's after a few hours of sanding...


01-21-2014, 08:02 PM
Decided that I Wanted to wrap these in some nice vinyl, but that funds are tight on supplies and I want to buy an upholstery pneumatic stapler before I wrap them. Until then, it's plasti dip and stickers with A LOT of clear this time around. Went with matte clear this time and used a ton of it (2.5 cans I believe). one sticker on the driver's side didn't go down all the way, but other than that, they aren't going anywhere until I wrap them.

Finished-ish product





They look like they're mounted awkwardly with angles, but I assure you that they are on axis, aimed correctly, and sound Amazing. By far the largest difference in everything that I've done to the explorer was doing this. All my music sounds rich and full now instead of bland. Makes me appreciate the country and dub a little more (yeah opposite ends of the spectrum, but I listen to both in my explorer every day I drive it).

I love it so much that I take it out in blizzards to drive slow and listen to my tunes. I think this is where I'm moving more to an SQ based system 4lyfe build and I'm going to be moving out of trying to just be loud aka I'm probably going to have the Malibu when I pull it out of storage.

Next update is pretty recent: Getting everything tidy and getting rid of Spaghetti that is my backseat/trunk.

01-21-2014, 10:45 PM
So let's see...have a ton of spaghetti in the back of explorer now..so many wires that have yet to be sized down for the final install...

Made this all up in sketchup- took the dimensions out so that it's easier to look at. If anyone has an explorer and wants to do the exact same setup or mock up the old one hit me up and I can email you the .skp's with all the dimensions.

Here's the inside where the HC2400 has a place to stay instead of lounging in the cargo area


and the outside


that front part that protrudes keeps all the wires hidden when the seats are folded down. also keeps everything nice and neat.

Changed a few things brace wise and added in more bracing in a few spots from the images as well

Onward to building:


Never trust the dimensions of a battery without measuring it. had to use a few scrap pieces of wood to fix this problem, but was actually a good thing so that getting to the battery was a lot easier.


Sides are on. Stopped taking pictures until I had the DD, Alpine and fuse holders mounted. That part slides in and out (after I loosen 4 screws) to make life easy if I need to take it apart:


Next thing was drilling a ton of holes so I could run all the wires through it


Dem wires


I've got more pictures of all this, but I don't think they have any point and I'm trying to keep it to ~10 pics per post so I can fit them on the sites that limit it to that...I'm at 7 so far i believe.

Anndddddd the tops on, amps mounted. this took FOREVER to do. Mostly because I didn't bother to remove the lvl5 to wire things up:





01-21-2014, 10:55 PM
That's about where I'm at right now. Oh also picked up one of these and my life is so much better. Old Lead Acid was also taking a dump.


As promised, I tried to get pictures of the truck, but she is dirrrtyy (so much salt that the front looks like I dipped it above the bumper). I've got all the plastic trim dipped in grey now, but I don't think you can tell. Tailgate is all black so the rust will keep off of it. Once there's a nice day to wash her off, I'll get clean pictures.



Only other thing I need to do really is make some trim panels for around the sub box and add another baffle to make the sub flush mounted or swap out the lvl5 for the m3 8s, and get a little cargo area back- still haven't made a final decision on this, but I'm going to at least get them in there. For now though,I'm pretty pleased with where I am. Sounds great, have minimal alt whine (only have a slight slight amount through the founteks that you can hear if the volume is at 1-2 and I think it's just a crap pair of rcas causing it).

Only other thing I might do between now and then is swap out the z120 for the 80prs and see how things sound, but we'll see. Happy for now.

03-10-2014, 03:10 PM
Finally found a trade offer I liked that was local to me for the lvl 5. Guy was pretty chill- rebuilds amps and just put a BC5500 into his sentra, so I actually got to hear something with a little power to it in this weather. Gonna miss the sub, but I'd rather have a bigger amp than a big sub on little to no power. Plus it's cheaper to sell and ship the M1c when it comes time to get rid of it:


Definitely more power than what I need, but this will be the perfect amount to get the explorer super loud if I feel that itch. So here's the list in the order of where this is headed next:

TEMP setup:
May or may not leave the M1c in- currently fits on the amp rack
9012 is going back in for the millionth time, BUT there's going to be a new box built for it hopefully within the next week (weather permitting)

Things that need to be done:
-Rebuild the amp rack so that the zx will fit
-Sell the M1c and 9012 to someone as a combo deal
-Get the m38s fixed from the profits and build a new box
-Decide on a DSP finally

^Not sure if all this ish will happen before I store it for summer or if it'll be something I pick back up in September/October

03-11-2014, 09:26 PM
9012 is getting Quasi 6th'd come Friday thanks to Buck. Gotta wait for this dumb winter storm to pass for the next two days...

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w283/slammedincouch/seanhaleydd9012series6th2001explorerinternals_zps9 b0f2369.png

In the meanwhile, I've got this to entertain me as long as XBL gets it's **** together


03-12-2014, 07:20 AM
so many stickers

03-13-2014, 04:12 AM
so many stickers

Definitely would not recommend if you've got extreme temps- doors haven't held up well after 2 winters haha. Kind of happy I did it though, because the doors need to be redone, so it's just more motivation to do it. Might try and knock it out before I take my car out of storage for summer.

15 degrees tomorrow -_- going to try and get everything penciled on so when Friday comes around I can just get up and get to cutting. Think i might need to grab another sheet of mdf though. Not even sure what I still have in the garage.

03-13-2014, 04:38 AM
Just a random question as I am from buffalo as well, did you used to have a 15 inch fi btl in the Malibu?

03-14-2014, 12:57 AM
Just a random question as I am from buffalo as well, did you used to have a 15 inch fi btl in the Malibu?

Yessir! That's my summer car. Still own it. Different setup now and she's on bags. Still miss that setup though.


03-14-2014, 06:01 AM
Yessir! That's my summer car. Still own it. Different setup now and she's on bags. Still miss that setup though.


nice port creatures:naughty:

03-15-2014, 05:01 AM
nice port creatures:naughty:

Things were dope- i think they're in a box somewhere in my house still...

Small update for the night. Got all my wood cut during the day to start the new enclosure, but didn't start building until late this evening.



Pulled a stupid move and routed the baffles before screwing/gluing them together, but luckily, they weren't off by much.



Dem 45z (already popped a few in the enclosure before this)





And here's where I'm leaving it for the night. Need sleep after a 20 hour day of cutting, skateboarding, and building. Drills need charging.

03-16-2014, 08:13 AM
Finally got this ***** together

Only had one big issue putting this thing together...


Talk about WARPED That's what you get when you let wood chill for 7 months though...any who, this of course was the piece I was going to make removable, but I had to put the top on to straighten things out. Back to the pictures.

whipping up some TBII and saw dust to seal things up...

Sealing ish


Sub is in



DAT ***



Dem bolt terms


Aaand everything together. Kind of skipped a picture of the dowel inside for bracing, but I'll get a picture of that when I get up


All I need to do is toss it in, wire it up, and get to testing it when I get up. Probably won't be up till 3-4pm though.

03-16-2014, 07:55 PM
Andddd she's in. I've only had about 20 minutes total to mess around with it, but I'm really digging it for a single 12 off 1200ish watts. Gets loud and sounds nice.





Would love to see how it sounds with 2k to it, but that's not going to happen unless I sell/trade the kicker for something else. For now though, I think this is great until I fix the 8s. Gotta look at the T/S for those still, but more than likely I'm going to put them in a 4th or 6th order.

Tried to get a picture of the exterior of the truck when it's clean, but couldn't get a good angle, so yolo for now.


Expect more updates in about a month for the 8s/zx2500 build

03-18-2014, 01:58 AM
I thought I remembered that lol, sat in it at the Lancaster speed way a long time ago.

03-21-2014, 10:23 PM
I thought I remembered that lol, sat in it at the Lancaster speed way a long time ago.

Nice man what'd you think? Kinda miss those days. I think I've only made it out there once or twice in the past two years. Stopped going when the EC car club broke

03-24-2014, 09:19 PM
nice builds going on man. i want to try a 6th order. I have a 4th order right now. what is the main difference output wise between the two?

03-24-2014, 09:57 PM
nice builds going on man. i want to try a 6th order. I have a 4th order right now. what is the main difference output wise between the two?

Thanks man- i don't think I'll ever be finished with it haha

Buck is definitely the best person to ask, but from what I recall, they have a little efficiency over 4ths, but you also have a larger phase shift with 6th orders and sacrifice some of the transient response on the lower frequencies...

Main reason I went with a 6th over a 4th really just had to do with the driver. I wanted to test out another 4th, but when I looked at the t/s for the 9012, it was 100% suited for a 6th. Might go back to a 4th with the m3 8s once I get them reconed to d4s

03-25-2014, 11:22 PM
Thanks man- i don't think I'll ever be finished with it haha

Buck is definitely the best person to ask, but from what I recall, they have a little efficiency over 4ths, but you also have a larger phase shift with 6th orders and sacrifice some of the transient response on the lower frequencies...

Main reason I went with a 6th over a 4th really just had to do with the driver. I wanted to test out another 4th, but when I looked at the t/s for the 9012, it was 100% suited for a 6th. Might go back to a 4th with the m3 8s once I get them reconed to d4s

That's was helpful. I guess I'll stay away from 6th orders for now. I really like the lows. It's one thing I think my 4th order is lacking. I have it tuned to 40 hz and it's a 1:1 with 8cuft sealed and 8 cuft ported. You think I would be better off spl wise to go with a nice ported box with good port area and tuned around 34 hz? I like the lows but don't wanna loose the higher end bass.

Also. How much port area per cuft would be good for 2 type r 15's

03-28-2014, 07:43 PM
That's was helpful. I guess I'll stay away from 6th orders for now. I really like the lows. It's one thing I think my 4th order is lacking. I have it tuned to 40 hz and it's a 1:1 with 8cuft sealed and 8 cuft ported. You think I would be better off spl wise to go with a nice ported box with good port area and tuned around 34 hz? I like the lows but don't wanna loose the higher end bass.

Also. How much port area per cuft would be good for 2 type r 15's

Rule of thumb is usually 14-16 inches per cube and that box sounds like it takes up a ton of room haha. What vehicle do you have? My person opinion about enclsoures when you're running multiple drivers still pushes more towards a nice slot ported enclosure (my go to tuning is almost always 32 or 33) vs 4th and 6th orders just because of weight and space.

Kind of a super biased opinion though because I've always done slot ports and just recently started using 4th orders and this is my first 6th. My biggest peeve is the fact that you need to make a window cut out/removable pieces to the enclosure you can have access to the driver if you need to or if something goes horribly wrong (nearly impossible with this one because of the warped pieces, so if someone decides they want this dd woofer and not the box, I'm going to probably have to scrap the box to get to it).

It is funny to watch someone's reaction when they see this box though. I just sold an old 2ft^3 enclosure to this guy and he was like what do you have in there? Where the hell is the sub?

04-12-2014, 09:46 PM
Just a real quick update today:

Finally have a buyer for some of my equipment (DD sub is on ebay with bidders, Kicker Eq has bidders, back up camera has bidders, etc.) and also traded my M1c for a new toy that should be here on Tuesday (as long as the fedex truck doesn't crash and burn). Getting pumped.

So anyways, whenever I sell something, I always like to have a good 30-40 minute video of it working and getting packaged up before I send it out. With the M1c out in Cali now, I had to toss the 2500 I traded the lvl5 for. Don't really have the time to build a new amp rack or any beauty panels atm for the amp, sooo I tossed this together in 7 minutes today with some spare wood I had laying around:


It isn't pretty, but I just want a working video of the DD playing in case I have a buyer who clips the crap out of it or wires things up wrong (after selling the AT Stratos to that kid who had no idea how to wire from a .5 to 2 ohm load, I don't trust any mfer who I'm selling equipment to).

It's one tight *** fit in the back right now. Good thing I only need to have it like this for a day, because I could see that amp getting very warm on a hot day with little to no ventilation...


will more than likely either move the amp over to the driver's side along the cargo area, or build a false floor for it to chill under the amp. Haven't really made a final decision on what route to go with it yet, but the false floor would be a lot cleaner.

Oh and I also picked up my main ***** from storage on Thursday.


Unsure how I feel about the system in her right now. Trying to decide if I want to sell off the 10s/possibly the horse and bring her back to a trunk car, save the horse and sell the 10s and do a new wall, or swap the horse to the explorer, save the 10s and do a new setup in there. Too many options for me to consider.

Someone give me some feedback on what I should do next in each vehicle. I've got (6) 10s, (4) 8s and (1) 12 to choose from. What should go where? Warhorse in the explorer, 2500 in the boom?

Updates to follow on Tuesday.

05-21-2014, 04:13 PM
Feels like forever and a day since I last updated my build logs. Not that I haven't wanted to, but I hit a rather large bump in the road with things...

So traded the m1C for a new toy. Toy got here:


Super pumped for about 10-15 mins after getting her out of the package until...



So that ******. Guy I traded with said he tested and read coils before he sent it out, but I never received pics of the readings, so dumb move on my part. Got too excited too fast and I paid for it. Luckily we worked out a deal to cover half the cost of the recone (basically what it would cost to send the sub all the way back to him for my amp). So sent it off to someone local to get repaired.

Well it got there, he pulled the cone, former and spiders (coil was blown and the leads burnt as well) out to find out the basket was cracked...awesome. Welp no use crying over spilled milk. Unsure when that happened, but was told the likely cause was from the woofer being shipped with the weight pulling down on the motor or whatever. Already left feedback by this point, so another lesson learned the hard way.

As a result of this, I will absolutely positively never ever trade with someone over the forums again (unless in person). I can't tell whether or not people are genuine and make mistakes (I know it happens), but I have a more than I wanted to spend into this sub now. Whole point of the trade was to have something in working condition with a few scuffs in the surround that i could have used. Could have traded for 2 15" hdd motors and basket assemblies instead.

That being said/ranted about, at least with all the bad news comes some good news! Had to wait for Corey to get the specific parts I need in, but the sub is almost finished. I'm sure a few of you have seen some pictures of it, but I'll post the final pics once I have it back (either this week or next week). All I'm going to say is that it is an absolute BEAST of a woofer now.

Also have a pair of the m3 8s with corey that are getting reconed as well. Might have a quick mini build log with them in the future if I have the free time and motivation, but I'm mainly looking to just get them back and sell them as they get fixed. Gotta get rid of what I don't need.

Only other thing I need are some sensa track load adjusting springs for the explorer to get her sitting pretty again. Will update with pics once I have the sub back in my hands!

05-27-2014, 05:34 PM
Oh.My.God. She's here. And she is absolutely beautiful.

Pretty much I've been up since 9am waiting for this moment. UPS said they'd be here between 915 and 115 to deliver the package, but it didn't get here till ~20 minutes ago. With the exception of going to pick up watch dogs and grabbing some coffee, I've been sitting at the door pretty much all day. SO WORTH IT.

Anywho onto the pictures.






Specs on this bish:

18" TI basket
HDD motor
3" 8 layer coil
Nightshade v3 spider pack (DEM TRIPLE LEADS)
Beefy as fuh sundown surround/cone assembly
CF cap (color per choice of SPLaudio- told him to surprise me with the color- matches the colorway of a Monster, which this thing definitely is)

So0o0o I'm just going to probably go stare at this thing for the rest of the night and smile while playing Watch Dogs. Need to get a box design going for her next. Kind of bummed still that Buck is out of the design business until further notice still, but it'll give me a chance to check out some other designer's work.

06-20-2014, 04:47 AM
Couple small updates. Haven't really had a lot of time to update my build- lots of crazy things going on right now. Larger ones to come over the weekend. Beautiful forecast scheduled for it too.

Got my box design- no pics on hand of it, but it'll be built between today and saturday. Standard 6 cubes, slot port tuned to 32hz.

Corey aka SPLaudio hooked me up with some more recones for some blown subs I have laying around- yes I FINALLY decided to get a pair of these done up. Still have 2 more chilling downstairs. Think it's been like 8 months that I've had them haha. Love them to death and don't think I can part with them, so more than likely I'll have a quick build log with them in here. Anyways...



Chillin with the monster


Have plans for some awesome dustcap decals on these, so I'll throw an update once they're made

More pics to follow today depending on when my new saw blade gets here (old one is super dulled out and I'm in desperate need of a new one before I go further) and I pick up some more wood. Getting friggin PUMPED because it's been a minute since I've even driven the explorer.

06-20-2014, 11:16 AM
Lol you have a variety pack build log. It's definitely interesting though. I'd like to see some vids.

08-11-2014, 05:22 AM
Lol you have a variety pack build log. It's definitely interesting though. I'd like to see some vids.

Thanks man think I have a few videos between the stratos and the 6th order but they're super short and more centered around me showing that they're in perfect condition before selling them haha. I'll take a look through some folders for them though.

08-11-2014, 05:45 AM
Update for the past few months and why I haven't updated: turned 25, got back into my other hobbies and started working out again, had other priorities and round the house projects happening, and so on (AKA Life). To my FB fools I'll reactivate my profile and hop back on in another week or so.


Found time to work on this project again. Of course when I went to go start, the explorer was dead. Haven't really gone to great lengths to diagnose the issue, but something OEM is staying on and draining the batteries. Killed the Kinetik in the back and I haven't gotten around to buying/deciding on a new one yet. Kind of banking on selling the M3 8s to pay for something nice/haven't felt the need to splurge on audio related shiz lately.

Here's a nice photo of a mess of wires and me removing the rear dead batt:


So I've had the box design for what? Almost a month and a half? I cut the wood and it's been sitting in the garage for a solid month...


Because I'm finding less and less time for car audio nowadays, I figure this is probably going to be the last swap of new equipment in the explorer. Plan to trade it in by this time next year and get a newer f-150 (note the one on the right. Ever since that bish was added to the fleet of vehicles, I've fallen in love. Dat 2015 aluminum body is what my eyes are set on).

So back on topic...I figured go big and heavy or go home with this box


and so I glassed the living daylights out of not only the port, but the whole inside of the box. I decided to make this box look super ugly by using titebond II and sawdust on the outside instead of busting out the bondo to cover the screws and ran out of heavy build primer in the port (thought I had more, but I didn't and couldn't find time to get more. thus, port is about 1/8 painted).

Original plan was to put the kicker on the side of the cargo area because it's too big to fit on the amp rack without rebuilding it. Well guess what? It's too friggin long to fit. My luck? Yuh.

So onto the semi-false floor/platform


Sup. Wood look familiar? Well it should. It's from that first DD eh build on the first page. Happy I saved it to chop up into something useable.

Test fit and the point where I said to myself, "Hmm. Probably should have just walled it..."


Got some beauty panels cut tonight and started running wires/finished the platform. Had to throw everything in the back real quick to get dinner and a movie in before it was too late, so box is off center.


And that's where I'm at. If I can wake up by 1pm I can hopefully get things finished. Thought about tossing some 5050 LEDs that I've had sitting here for the past 3 years, but not really feeling it atm as the explorer looks like dookie.

Things left to do to get her playing:
- Put sub in enclosure
- Screw some random stuff together
- Pull a battery from the Malibu and put it in the amp rack for a few days to test things out
- Wire amp
- Tune amp

Hoping to be loud as fuuu or I might just drive it off a cliff after all the time put in.

10-11-2014, 07:57 PM
It's been minute since i've been on, but I bring some updates with me. Here's what's up with the explorer. Also have some maliboom updates as well to toss in

Finally have some time to update this. Current projects:

Moved the enclosure to the left side. Seem to get a little better response/less hatch rattle from this. Also tossed in a beauty cargo panel. Need to re-deaden the new tailgate (on the list for things to do this week)


Have some more sag going on in the rear now that there's a 69lb sub in there and a box that weighs a solid 75+ lbs thanks to all the resin. Will snag a picture tomorrow, but already have a remedy for the problem. Some new sensa track shocks are on their way as we speak.

Overall, I'm impressed with the setup. I wish I had the 8s in to test out, but the 18 gets plenty loud and when I'm not in the mood to shake things, a quick switch of my eq settings makes this thing a dream to listen to with some country, rap, and so on.

Kind of a huge OCD freak when it comes to voltage. Especially after I lost two batteries to a previous drain from letting the explorer sit for 2 months, so decided to buy some voltage meters for it. This is another half finished project thanks to work and the timing when I began it.

Took the top part of the center console and fleeced it:




Test fit


Lots of sanding and smoothing things out


coming together


Another part that was sprayed down, but needs vinyl. May actually someday get around to doing the vinyl work, but I'm betting it will be another year until I get the time.

Forgot I needed a second switch thrown in until after I dipped it, and of course, being clumsy, I let the dremel go and it knicked a good line in the side. Whoops.

Wires for days


Half finished end result


Like I said, it would look a lot better in vinyl, but it gets the job done for now.

So last week there was a discount tire sale on ebay ($100 off $400 plus $70 manufacturer rebate on select cooper tires), although not the best deal, I couldn't pass it up for some new tires. Old ones were worn in funny thanks to the previous owners driving it misaligned for 2+ years. Basically to drive straight the wheel has to be turned a quarter to the right (or quarter to the left if you rotate the tires lol).



Cooper AT3s it is. 265/70 16s are going on. Only problem? I have only recieved two of the four tires because they're on backorder or something. Hopefully they'll be here next week. Going to do a little TT adjustment in the front after I get the snesa tracks on to hopefully get another inch or so of lift. Figure it's the perfect time because I'll need an alignment anyways.

So that's where this is at. Hopefully will have a nice amount of updates as the week progresses.

10-12-2014, 07:43 PM
Maliboom updates:

Decided to finally knock off most of the surface rust on the maliboom since I had some free time.


Started sanding down only to find out that the car, at some point before I bought it from a dealership, had had the whole rear quarter panel fixed. Awesome/why I won't ever buy another used car from a dealer again.







10-12-2014, 07:49 PM

So there's the repair work. Not about to hash out the cost to get her repainted, so next best thing for $55ish bucks? Plasti Dip. Yes I laid it down out of spray cans and yes my forearms were killing me afterwards.






Only thing that's left to do is redo the pinstriping and it's set. Will probably do that next year when I take the car out of storage.

10-15-2014, 06:17 PM



Sensa Track Load Adjusting Shocks?



Onward to my buddy's shop for mounting, torching the spare tire off, installing the new shocks, twist of the torsion bar, and last but not least an alignment. Hopeully will have it back tomorrow! Super excited and thinking about a 2" BL now...

10-16-2014, 12:31 PM
Got Cooper AT3's on my truck & have been pleased with them & they are wearing very well

10-16-2014, 01:58 PM
Got Cooper AT3's on my truck & have been pleased with them & they are wearing very well

Great to hear! I honestly think they're going to be outlasting the explorer at this point. Apparently I still have a little pull to the right meaning there's some work that will need to be done on the front right to get it going straight, but it's more time, money, and looking at rusted on components that I don't see putting in before winter haha. We'll see how I'm feeling at the start of spring.

10-17-2014, 11:13 AM
Sitting nice and pretty now! I'll try and get a video up this week if I remember/find some time/weather isn't too meh


Loving it so far though. Rides smooth and I feel a little higher up. Also test drove the 2015 F150s today (reason why my post is so delayed). Pretty nice vehicle, but the body sits kind of low and they gave up some height in the bed. Other than that, it was a nice vehicle. Might consider buying one in a year or two. Future build log? Possibly!






10-20-2014, 03:09 PM
I know a few of you were asking for videos...well I found a few of the previous setups on my phone/computer. Unfortunately a bunch of them just majorly **** lol. Super short and they don't really show much flex or anything (as most of the build was about sound quality and staging), but I'll throw them up as I upload them. Also I held the phone wrong in most of them, so I might need to rotate some of them in FCP.

In the meantime, here's one I forgot I uploaded of the active front stage last winter. Before the fine tuning and the sub (Lvl 5 + M1c was in at this point) turned off:


10-20-2014, 03:28 PM
Quick one I snagged real quick on my way back from getting coffee. Not the loudest song and 3/4 volume, still haz some flex. Little shot of the maliboom in the driveway too


Really need to get that hatch deadened like the old one lol

10-29-2014, 10:26 PM
Sooo...getting kind of tired of the hatch rattle I hear whenever I begin to turn it up...possible new build starting if I sell the current enclosure this week :D

11-04-2014, 09:51 PM
Just a quick no pictures update. should have the new box design in by next week, so hopefully I'll be kicking off from there. Going to have to work super fast to beat the cold weather, but luckily the garage is cleaned out. Probably going to have the explorer smelling like fiberglass and bondo for a few weeks after as well haha. But yeah. Might have a few small updates here and there with other stuff I'm doing in preparation of the next build. Stay tuned!

11-10-2014, 03:59 AM
Small update with some pictures:

So I've been super bored and wanted to work on the explorer/do something to get it ready for the next build. While I'm waiting for the box design, I decided to install something that I've had since I bought the headunit

Backup Cam.

As usual, things have to be complicated with the explorer. Blame Ford and my luck. Spent a solid 4 hours earlier in the week trying to get the z120 to switch to the backup camera when I put that bish in reverse with no luck (yes I tapped into the reverse taillight harness and so on). Something is up with the head unit, because the only way to get the backup camera screen to show is to switch the polarity settings, which makes the backup camera screen impossible to get off of unless you do a hard reset. Probably blew the pico fuse when I did it, as I hae a slight alt whine back, but whatever. Very slight.

So at that point I said forget it, this won't work and I would like to see what it's like to see out of the back whenever I feel like it, not just for backing up.

Went to amazon and bought this cheapy eChina "5" inch tft monitor. Forgot to take pics of the monitor, because let's face it, I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures sometimes. The 5 is in quotes because the screen is actually 4.3 ish inches with the case being 5 inches. That's fine though because it will fit into where i decided to put it.

Had to make a housing for the monitor to sit in:

Foiled up


Glassed on


Snap chatted the rest of the pics -_- so fail there. Basically rechopped the piece of the center console that I put the meters in, hot glued things back to it, using some cardboard for the new voltmeter housings. From there, I ran out of glue sticks (only had one to start with) and couldn't find fleece to wrap the console. So, I found some funky duct tape lying around and used that. Resined over it for this:


Would I advise using duct tape over fleece? For anything else unless you're using mat on top of it, heck no. Duct tape is easier to put on obviously, but throwing resin over it like I did still made it super flexible. Not really an issue with the center console/I don't plan on switching this up anytime soon, but do it at your own risk I guess.

Welp, running out of weekend time, so I decided to just leave it like it is. I like the funky look of this thing:

Everything installed in the center console. Yes the screen somehow managed to shift a tad to the right. Whatevs not my show car so cosmetics don't need to be top notch. Just needs to match the worn condition of the explorer.


Backup camera: Threw it here because I don't want to drill into the tailgate. Originally was going to install it under the bumper, but there wasn't enough time int he weekend to do so. I have this plastic cover for the trailer hitch, and because I don't ever hook anything up to the explorer, it's the perfect place. Just need to remember to not step on it when I'm working in the cargo area soon...Anyways, I bought a 3" bolt that's attached to the mount on the bottom of the camera. Why a bolt? Because mounting tape was 12 bucks at lowes. I'm good. $1.24 for the bolt and nut 4 pack.

Mind the rust, I will eventually replace this bumper:


Ran the wires through the car for the camera aka my least favorite job because i always kill my fingers.

And back to the front and the cluster of wires that I'm too lazy to clean up. Spaghetti.


And we're live


Camera mount is a little bent, need to adjust.


And with the lights on


So that's that. Trying to think of anything else I can do while I'm waiting for my designs to be finished up. Apparently there's a polar vortex coming through this week, so if that's the case I won't even be able to get wood. Boo. Will update when design comes in :cool:

11-12-2014, 07:47 PM
And let Project W commence as soon as I get a decent day to get and cut wood


03-19-2015, 11:13 AM
Haven't updated this in a while...last post on the explorer.

Ran out of time with her. Over the past 4 months I have had nothing but issues with things starting to go wrong with the vehicle. Had an EVAP code that cost me more than I wanted to spend replacing some crap in the gas tank, rear differential fluid spewed all over the driveway, new front wheel bearings, sway bar, and a ton of other stuff. Got to the point where it was costing me 600-1000 every other month to keep her running. Have been searching for a new vehicle for the past 2 months and finally picked one out/got a good deal on it.

Huge PITA to clean out the explorer and put it back to stock, but I got it done in about 18 hours. Sold a bunch of the audio already between CL and Ebay over the past 5 days which I'm shocked by. Only things left are the DD C1b and the sub for things I'm getting rid of. Any who, traded the explorer in on Tuesday afternoon (somehow managed to get $2,400 from the dealer), and here is my new vehicle:


Expect to see a super **** SQ build log on it Eventually once the Maliboom is sold and the vehicle is 3/4 of the way paid off (which could take me around 2.5-3 years to do), but once it's ready this thing is going to be super clean.