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06-12-2013, 02:31 PM
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10/10 mechanical, 7/10 cosmetic. Has a few light scratches and 1 scratch that's a little bigger but not too bad. One corner has a nick (got it like that) on it. A few small little nicks as well. Mounting feet have the usual missing paint. Back plate is a little flimsy meaning if not mounted flat, it was vibrate and be annoying. I just put a little piece of foam between the amp and mounting board. Does NOT effect performance. Amps dusty but will be cleaned up before shipping.


Looking to trade for a Crescendo BC2000. No particular reason other than I've ran multiple aq2200s and never ran a bc2000 before. May look into other 2k amps but looking for a straight trade ONLY. Will also sell for $340 shipped.

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