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06-11-2013, 08:34 PM
Item(s) for Sale:

Eclipse CD5405: Highend audio products usually are engineered to have preamp outputs that have high voltages along with low impedances. These characteristics are desirable from an audio electronics point of view as they enable driving downstream amplifiers optimally to reap other benefits such as a higher signal-to-noise ratio and increased dynamics. Each CD receiver ensures any connected external amplifier will deliver optimal performance.

Item(s) Description/Condition:

Features and Specifications:

CD and CD-R/RW compatibility
3-band Graphic EQ
1-bit DAC
5V preamp output with low 55 ohm impedance
Bright and clear LCD display
FM/AM tuner
MOSFET 50 x 4 high power amplification
ESN security
Dual pre outputs
(rear/non-fader selectable)
Remote control-ready

Works 100% and is 10/10 mechanically and 9/10 visually ( It has a couple small shuffs on face from regular use but noting really noticeable.)


Asking Price: $150 shipped but willing to negotiate.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

see above

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Jes 42
06-11-2013, 09:54 PM
This the same one on Portland,Oregon cl?Eclipse CD5405 In Dash CD Player - Trades? (http://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oG7mYn07dRZ1MAZQ9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEycmhtNGU yBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDOQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0RGRDVfODY-/SIG=12ao84ogs/EXP=1371030439/**http%3a//portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/3860282001.html)
Nice hu.Glws.

06-11-2013, 11:23 PM
Lol.. you know its not. My location clearly say West Texas. $40 is dirt cheap, not my problem if he doesn't know what he has. Like I said price is negotiable.

Jes 42
06-11-2013, 11:56 PM
Lol.. you know its not. My location clearly say West Texas. $40 is dirt cheap, not my problem if he doesn't know what he has. Like I said price is negotiable.
I'd say something is wrong with his.That price is insane.I say yours is about right.I've owned a few Eclipse decks.Very nice sq.

06-12-2013, 12:07 PM
Yep, I'd go as lows as $100 plus actual shipping. Hit me up.

06-13-2013, 04:39 PM

06-13-2013, 05:06 PM
How old is this? When did this come out?

06-13-2013, 05:26 PM
I wanna say 2007ish they came out. Decent HU. Eclipse is the best HU manufacturer in my head.

06-13-2013, 06:11 PM
Some where around 05-07 but id have to check after I get off work to be sure. Still works 100% and look almost new.

06-14-2013, 08:23 AM
Ok last price drop... $85shipped. Now lets get this thing off my shelf.

06-15-2013, 03:20 AM
at this price, someone. you will be happy.

06-17-2013, 11:02 AM
Still got this. Please don't expect this to drop in price any more than it has. Its all ready a great deal.

06-18-2013, 04:43 PM

06-19-2013, 04:03 PM

06-25-2013, 02:44 PM
might be open to trades as well depending on what you have.