View Full Version : AVH-X8500bhs music playback from USB question.

06-03-2013, 02:47 PM
I tossed a 500 gb HD in my glove box and put some music on it, my stuff's all properly tagged and named. But it's not seeing something right, so it's playing albums in a random order. I looked in the manual and they say files should be named 001xxx.mp3 right now my files are named like this:

01 - xxxxx.mp3
02 - xxxxx.mp3

Now if I mass rename my files to fit their description will this fix my problem? My directories are named [artist] with [album] sub directories for each album from an artist. The manual's showing a way different way of doing the file hierarchy. I'm at work and can't test out any changes I make on my HU, but I can Teamview in and correct the naming so my albums play in proper song order. But I don't want to spend hours and hours only to have not done it right.