View Full Version : AVH-4300DVD Issue

06-02-2013, 09:12 AM
Lately my HU has a mind of its own, I would be playing music either thru my SD card or IPod and it would play for awhile but then it would just pause and if I leave it alone, it would start playing again but while in Pause mode, if I would hit the play button than it would play for a second or two then pause again.

Have check the wiring and it all seems ok (secured connections) and the funny part is that I sent it in to a Pioneer repair shop and they played music of all inputs for 2 weeks and all tested good but as soon as I re-install it, within 30 minutes it started to have the issue again. Also noticed that when it does go into a Pause mode, my steering wheel buttons quit working.

Did perform a Soft reset and will work for awhile but issue reoccurs.
Radio is install in my F150 and connected thru the Scosche FD23B

Thanks for the help. Would hate to purchase another HU since most new one can't compete with this one.