View Full Version : Alpine PXA Imprint PXA-H100 and pioneer headunit

05-24-2013, 04:25 AM
Hi, i've got a pioneer App radio 2 (SPH DA100) which has very limited auto processing capabilities, with a 6 band EQ i cant get the system sounding how i want.

Im looking to use an Alpine Imprint PXA-H100 as a separate processor, but have heard you need an Alpine headunit to interface with it properly?

The only control i would need from the headunit would be volume on the move, which i would assume it would still do this via the rca output anyway?

This way i could set the imprint away to eq my system and set things before hand, then forget about it when I'm on the move.

I have a small separate subwoofer processor menu on the headunit, which again i assume the volume just controls the separate sub rca outputs, so would i also be able to control subwoofer level through the headunit when I'm on the move? This is the only real other thing i would wish to have control over.

My final question is that whilst I'm running a 4 channel amp for the door speakers, and a separate amp for the subs, my headunit only has rca's for front speakers, then rca's for either rear speakers or sub output, so my front and rear channels are bridged to give me a sub output. So, considering I'm effectively only running 3 channels, how much benefit would adding an imprint system give me?

My setup is;
Rainbow SLX 265 front comps running passive
Rainbow DLC 6.2 rear comps running passive
Rainbow Vanadium 10" sub in a 0.6cu/ft sealed enclosure
Rockford T400-4 amp for door speakers (Running in 2 channel mode)
Rockford T600-2 amp for sub (Bridged)


05-27-2013, 08:54 PM
Yes, you are right in saying you need an Alpine Ai-Net headunit to use the PXA-H100. The PXA-800, however, has analog inputs you could use your Pioneer headunit to drive it. You will also need the H800's controller to make 'on the fly' adjustments. Hope this helps.