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05-24-2013, 01:06 AM
Hey guys,

So I got a used car and this is what I have:
- Aftermarket Sony Headunit (52W max/17 rms x 4 channels)
- No Amp (looks like he used to have one, but removed it when selling the car - can tell by terrible wiring job for it - 14 gauge from battery to amp? YEA!)
- 5-way Kenwood 500W/120W rms 6x9 speakers in the rear
- Stock (?) 6.5 front door speakers, they look stock but haven't pull them completely out
- Blown (?) 3.5 dash speakers

So I just wanted a simple setup (No sub, no amp) that is going to decent sound (compared to the all mid/high sounds I'm getting now - no bass to speak of)

Overall everything sounds terrible right now - the rear speakers were muffled by the rear deck. No holes just about an inch of insulation/carpet. Remove that and it sounds so much better.

Current plan:
Replace rears with 50rms (3-way)
Replace door with 35-40rms (2/3-way)
Replace dash with 15-30rms (fullrange/2-way)
Maybe some door deadening

My Question is - theoretically does this setup sound ok? (no pun intended)
I was pretty sure but after removing the rear deck and hearing the rear speakers without all the muffling, they sound.. "ok"
I'm starting to wonder if nothing is going to get me decent sound from this headunit without getting an amp. (which I want to avoid due to needing to run wire throughout the car)

05-24-2013, 03:00 AM
If your concern about running an amp is running new speaker wire... Just run speed-wire from the amp up to the harness in the dash and tap in there... HU built-in power is weaksauce anyway you slice it... I'd replace the speakers and get a descent 4-6 ch amplifier...