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05-21-2013, 07:30 PM
ok, been a minute since i have been on the site here. got out of the car audio thing while the kids were growin up, but now it seem they and the wife thinks i should work on the audio in the expedition we just got.

it has the mach audio system in it, the door speakers all sound great, the front door speakers are component setup from factory. i plan to leave them that way for now until i get a headunit and 4 channel amp later down the road.

the truck has a factory 8" sub that has a dedicated amp that is 85 watt rms at 4 ohm. factory sub was destroyed when i bought the truck. so i ordered an 8" kicker comp from a shop in town, it is 100 watt rms and 4 ohm vc.

does anyone know what cubicft the factory box is in these?

i am going to throw it in the stock box and see how it sounds seal in a smallish box for now.

i was reading up on these subs, and kicker says ported box will be louder, but it cuts the rms rating to 55 watts! what gives with that? what would you guys do in this situation? i can build a box, and i think i can incorporate it into the spot for the factory bax is and extend it thru the panel back there and make it a lil bigger and port it, but i dont want to if it hurts the speaker in rating.

05-21-2013, 07:32 PM
also, anyone know the rating for the factory door speaker amp?