View Full Version : Need a new HU for a new build. Suggestions please?

05-20-2013, 07:12 PM
In a few weeks I will be starting a new build in my '13 F150. So far I have a Boston 125x2 and JBL MS-62c's for the fronts. Still debating the substage, I have a 15'' DCON that may be a little difficult to fit in the extended cab. Right now I just want to focus on getting the wiring done, making the amp rack, install speakers/deaden doors and install a new HU.

The only HU I have ever had was a Pioneer Premier 690. I have been doing a lot of research on the various top model HU's for a long time. At first I wanted a DD, preferably something like the Pioneer X4500BT. But I have spent a little too much of my savings right now so I am thinking of something cheaper. I like the Pioneer 80PRS, seems to have way to many features that I probably would never use, but if I can find one for a good price I'll most likely go with that. The Kenwood Excelon X997 seems like a nice unit as well. For the cheapest I was thinking the Clarion CZ702. A single din will have to work for now until I save up for a nicer DD unit.

Anyone know much about those specific HU's? or maybe something cheaper like the X8500's and such? I kind of wanted to order from Crutchfield just so I could get the mastersheet for my truck. But I guess I can order that separately. I just need some recommendations.