View Full Version : Photocell for changing Day/Night Color

05-20-2013, 02:58 AM
I installed a JVC Head Unit in my motorcycle last year and have recently changed the gauges over to all blue LED's. The JVC head unit allows me to change its display to what ever color i want. Unfortunately when i set it to the blue color that most closely matches the gauges, its unreadable during the daytime.

The model of the radio is KD-A95BT. It has the ability to change colors via a connection for the headlights. When the headlight input is off its one color and when its on its another.
Im thinking its just a 12 volt signal thats provided to this input. There is only a single lead marked "Illumination" and according to the manual, it only will work on some vehicles.
The headlight on my bike is on all the time, so its not of much use.
My thought was to rig up a photocell somewhere or to connect it to my unused Accessory switch.

The manual shows that i can set the dimming and color change up for time of day, but i can see me having to change it several times during the riding season. Anyone done anything similar?

05-20-2013, 08:06 AM
Try connecting the HU illumination wire to your accessory switch. If it works as expected then we can help you figure out how to automate it.