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05-18-2013, 03:45 PM
Hey Everyone,

The vehicle I will be referencing is a 2003 Mercury Marauder (faster Mercury Grandmarquis with factory sub and amp). It is completing stock and will be mostly staying that way. So I am looking for everything to be factory looking and the least amount of modifications possible in case I sell it. So I will NOT be putting a sub box in the trunk, want any buttons on the faceplate surround to match interior light color or darn close.

The factory radio is going out and a replacement will run me almost $300 so I figure I mine as well spend a little more and get a nav unit.

The Marauder forum members have suggested the Pioneer Avic-X940BT or Kenwood DNX-6140. I am just looking for all my options. I am looking to spend around 400 + or - some. I know that means I will likely have to go used, money is just a little tight. If the unit is nice enough I 'might' go higher for it.

I would like to have the following options with the headunit -
1. Navigation (I have nav on my Samsung Note 2 Android Phone, but if I'm going to go to the expense and word to install a double din it should have it also).
2. Steering wheel controls (want to be able to use my current steering wheel controls as if the unit was factory)
3. Doesn't make sound any worse, preferably better and works with stock setup (will not be changing out stock sub or door speakers for a while).
4. Works with bluetooth (would like to be able to use Pandora, etc without having to connect phone manually).
5. Bright screen, have a hard time seeing the lower end pioneer I put in my mother's truck in the sun...so I want to make sure that isn't an issue.
6. Quick response to touch and startup.
7. RDS (have this on my factory and do NOT want to loose it).
8. Map updates - don't want to spend $100 every year to update.

Other options - Would like an internal harddrive or be able to use factory cd changer...or both. Would really like to still be able to use factory cd changer.
Could care less about DVD playback.
Would be nice to be able to add a backup camera, but not neccesary.

So looking for suggestions on what to get, Brand & Model. Then I can look around for pricing.

Thanks everyone!

05-18-2013, 07:52 PM
Bueller? Guess Ill go for the X940BT..