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05-18-2013, 04:04 AM
Been loving the sound of one good(or decent) 12" in a little Accord(compared to SUVs and the like). Trying to up the sound and am running out of optimal design ideas for more surface area.
Have a baseplate in the trunk and stripped stock liner, have about 15.5 total height, 15" possible tall box.
Maximum dimensions(inc. port mind you)
28" along width of the car
32-34-36" along length of the car(depends on height of the box)
15----13"(?) tall

difference in height is due to the box going in at an angle and actually wedging itself against the top of the trunk.
Also trying to keep the port and the subs firing the same direction but that is looking less likely.

Only viable possibility I see with this configuration without upwards firing subs is 2 12"s and a 4"x13.5" port between the woofers. Looking at 3-4 cubes depending on the woofers and 54" of port area on a slot port.

Question is, is that enough port size, and should I be counting out an upwards firing 18? This is the only woofer size I could calculate moving the same amount of air. But would have less magnet power. But could also have a larger port. Would have to be mounted double baffled down at a 14" tall, if not 13" tall box to give excursion space to not be hitting the trunk.

Large woofer, with a bigger port, and upwards firing?
Or 2 smaller woofers, same SA, smaller port on the same side as woofers?
only other (reasonable) option
2 smaller woofers, same SA, big port firing through armrest, rear facing woofers. Heard this would put the wave out of phase.
Could always go with a wall of 6 8" SA signatures. Plans for the 2-12" or 1 18" is likely the Z v.3 or v.4

05-18-2013, 09:10 PM
Alright, well I haven't been working on this 2 months, but I guess I can bump it for 2 until someone endows me with some godly insight.
Unless I'm already too close to breaking your SPL record and it would be uncompetitive to give advice -_-