View Full Version : Box for old powerbass XS 15D2.

05-14-2013, 12:38 AM
Here's my design, if you have any suggestions please, I'm going for spl and still want some power down in the 30hz area. My box now is 3.6cubic ft 44hz.

28" wide, 27" high, 16" deep.
Port: 27" wide, 1" high, 5.7" deep.
5.6 cubic ft, sub is .7 cubic ft, - 4.9 cubic ft box
port tuned at 42 Hz.

Subwoofer: 2006 powerbass XS 15" dual 2 ohm.
Amp: Soundstream Dtr1.900

Concerns: Too much air? Should I drop the port tune to mid 30s so I can hit the lows or is the box large enough for 42hz to allow low frequency power?