View Full Version : just got a new hu and speakers, radios not quit loud enough for me

05-13-2013, 09:57 PM
I have a 2006 trailblazer. I had the 6cd bose system in it. I got fed up with not being able to enjoy my music through aux, and I don't like outing people but who ever came up with fm transmitter idea is a joke. they sound awful and very expensive for horrible quality. it did not have aux, and no tape player. i tried the isimple and that was a joke. so i started thinking about getting a new head unit. i really liked my mothers touch screen in her new suburban. while i was at it i got new speakers as well because i was told all high end after market speakers make bose look like garbage.

heres my setup:
kenwood 470 touch screen radio
2 kenwood excelon speakers in front
2 kenwood speakers in back plus 2 kenwood tweeters

my factory amp died according to the shop that's why speakers would sometimes be unclear and static. my bose sounded just the same as what i have now minus how clear it what i just got is. the max volume i can go is 35 on radio, and i have to keep it around 30-33, and the owner said don't do that you will kill speakers faster then you can blink. if its not loud enough for you come back bring me $600 and i will get you a amp set up that counts parts, and labor. the amp was $280, same amp on ebay is $150 new so im considering buying on ebay. i have had success in past buying new parts off their for cheap. before i dish ou tmore money that i really don't have will an amp make my speakers louder. and when i mean louder if your on the other side of the traffic light at a red light will you hear it loud and clear. that's what im trying to get back. my old bose hooked up when i first got car were that loud. i cant hear soft quiet radios well i like louder. but not to the point i will get an earache. that's why i got rid of my subs. appreciate any help.the amp they are trying to get me to get is some kind of kenwood excelon. all i want is a louder system. if a amp wont make it much louder then i don't want to waist more money.