View Full Version : 2010 mazda 3 hatchback DC audio m! 18 help

05-13-2013, 08:26 PM
Is there anyone that wants to help me a design for a killer boc for my 2010 mazada 3 hatchback for a DC Xl 18 m1 for the hatchback. Anyone with experience with this particular car would be alot of help. Sub and prot position would be nice. size and tunning would be very helpful. will be running it off of s DC pai300.1 so I should have enough power. just seeing what has work for other people. all your help would be greatful appreciated. mostly a daily ground pownder but would still like to do ok on the mike those are my goals. willing to pay for a great design so Im not looking for a freeby here. but as much feedback would be very appreciated. please pm me if you have info or if you are intrested.