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05-12-2013, 06:36 PM
I have read various posts on the BMW forums on upgrading the sound system in my 2011 BMW X5. I have the base systems and it is horrible. I have a couple questions around the front stage specifically.

I have heard several Focal set ups and have been impressed. The Morel componenets look impressive as well. I have read that the under seat locations are VERY shallow. I was wondering....could I run either of these 3 way sets with the mid under the seat in the floor or are these drivers too deep?

Focal 165vr3

Morel Virtus 603

Or, based on limited depth would I be better off running the 2 way version of either of those speakers with shallow Earthquake sws-8xi woofer I see many BMW owners running? I have read great reviews on the Morels but have not heard them in person. What are your thoughts on them compared with Focals?

Thanks for your comments

05-12-2013, 08:39 PM
I didn't click on those links, but I can almost guarantee you that they are too deep. The stock woofer is a hair over 2" deep. That's f'n shallow.

Technic (on the BMW forums) sells spacers to fit the Earthquakes. From what I understand, they are your best bet if you don't want to add a rear sub. They're the only *true* sub that fits in our enclosures without major modification, BUT their midbass isn't that great.

I've spoken to a few people that have done high level BMW installs and they all agree that the weak link in BMW's is the lack of power. Just adding an amp will wake up your system. Even on the stock speakers. JUST upgrading speakers is basically useless.

With that said... add an amp to the OEM's first. If that still doesnt' sound good enough, Jehnhart makes a drop in 3 way. Expensive though. Gladen also makes a direct fit for most BMW's. Cheaper and better if you plan to add an amp because the Jehnharts are optimized for the factory amp.

Probably the most popular upgrades are the Focal 4" components and the Earthquakes underseat. Although, the Morels are used quite often too. Those two are probably the best 4" sets that fit the limited depth in the door mount (~ 40mm).

Gladen also has a lower end line called AudioSystems. Which also has a drop in 3-way. I actually found a set for my car on eBay for ~ $350. Might be worth looking into for your X5.