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05-11-2013, 12:00 PM
Hi folks, I'm new on the forum and joined hoping those wiser than me can provide some advice and suggestions. What I'm trying to do is to improve the overall midrange sound in the car. Here's the short form of what's in the car now:

1) First, its a convertible and with the roof down I lose a lot of mid and low end sound
2) I have Polk Audio SR6500's in the front and rear (which I really love)
3) Kenwood DNX8120 head unit
4) Kenwood XR 5S amp

I initially considered removing the Polk's in the front and replacing them with a new set of 3 way speakers. The cost is a bit prohibitive and I'd hate to lose the Polk's. Then I had this "great" idea that I would simply go out and buy a nice midrange speaker, look for a good quality 3 way crossover and then use the Polk as the woofer with the new midrange (and existing Polk tweeter of course). I was a bit nervous about using someone else's crossover on the Polk's though not knowing all that much about how these things are engineered.

Then another thought hit me.

The rear speakers are virtually useless as they are tucked behind the seats near the floor. They are almost impossible to hear. So, I could simply remove them and use the rear outputs to instead drive a new pair of midrange speakers that I would install upfront. The Kenwood head unit seems to have plenty of adjustments to allow me to set the correct freq. response range for them - the amp may be able to do the same too. That is my current leaning and probably the cheapest and simplest way.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions? Thanks!


05-11-2013, 12:07 PM
if you dont know the xover points on the polks ,adding a different xover may be bad ,could blow them or maybe not sound as good as you think or want . the ,mid up front would be fine you'll need to adjust the amp accordingly ,so that the mids don't drown out the components .a 3 way component set is your best option ,but for a decent one and can and will get costly

05-11-2013, 12:28 PM
Those Polk SRs are nice. Don't get rid of them. Work on how they are installed and powered.

05-11-2013, 03:01 PM
This Accent Fill system by CDT will add midrange without requiring separate amplifier channels, without changing crossover settings, and without fabricating speaker pods.
AF-256/020 (http://cdtdealer.com/easy-way-electronics/accentfills/af256-020.htm)

For the low end you're going to need a subwoofer and some power. A convertible with the top down is a very hard "room" for music since you lose the free boost to the bass.