View Full Version : Alpine cda-7893 werid button trouble

05-10-2013, 02:51 AM
O.K ive put my alpine in my old ladys eclipse(needed to,not wanted to) with out wireing harness.now worked fine , i mean great. Especialy comming from a panasonic H/U to Alpine.Then i was given tha bright idea to convert tha CD changer cord to a aux input......now ive seen it done(tha finshed product) so i no i can be done....anyway...got to fuc*ing wit it thru a lil trial and error got it working. really jus took a old set of headphone's,cut tha cord off and hard wired it in.WAM BAM plug straight to tha phone......so i pull off, stop up tha street to put a lil air in my tire,mind you my new config was doing fine. im out car 3 min tops. get back in tha level is like 1/3 from where i left it. so i jet right back to tha house,tear it all back down. no cross connect/touchings wires nothing....THEN cut off car run in grab another beer and my meter, crawl back in and turn on acc.......now tha ONLY buttons that work are eject and source...any ?'s
but no **** really like this H/U.
any theroy's/ideas would help

05-10-2013, 03:24 AM
Does it work well when your home-made adapter is not plugged in???

05-10-2013, 03:58 AM
well.ive sence hooked it up to 12v power suplly(today matter a fact). when i first gave it juice it did not.switched PSU off/on it DID work. so played round wit it,going thru menu's and all tha controlls, really jus to see if it all worked and it did.so i turned psu off to clean up my quick connect job,tape connections, hook up rca's and afew speakers. was gonna leave it hooked for a lil'while kind of a moch road test.......BAM same ****..
was wandering if that changer cable(it has a total of 8 wires in it )needs to config'ed or aaaaaa.......aaaa.....Fixed if you will......like a certion 2 or 3 wires need connecting/reconnecting

05-10-2013, 04:03 AM
If it works fine without your home-made cable plugged in. Ditch that cable & go on ebay & find the real deal, It CAN'T cost all that much, I just ordered one of those for a kenwood deck and it was all of about $6.75 ;-)

05-10-2013, 04:15 AM
aaaahhhhh......good old retrospect.....probly should not have cut and shortly there after lost plug end........but it dose tha same thing with/without my **** hooked up.
thats what im say'n cuz if it stayed working fine inside on psu...i was gonna think car wireing glitch......someone in passing said "not git'n enough juice to tha H/U"...cuz that model alpine is power thirsty on account of v-drive and **** .......i dunno....... f%[email protected] F^&k SH%# FU&* S#$T ****