View Full Version : wall build for two psi reconed t2d415s

05-09-2013, 12:55 PM
hi, im planning to send my two blown fosgate t2d415s to psi for a recone.
i also plan on building a wall in the backseat of my 2003 dodge intrepid se.
the problem is after reading my owners manual of my t2's i need 2.75 cu ft of airspace a piece and it says it needs to be tuned to 30 hz.

i want to do the subs close to the bottom of the backseat and have a window (1/2 inch thick plexiglass) towards the top of box so i can see through my back window. the rest of the box ill be using 1/2 inch thich MDF.

i need to leave enough room on one side of the backseat in order to put a cusion so someone can sit (doesnt have to be a big space, was thinking about 10 inches away from the rear passanger door.
i do not care if the person is squished in the back, as loong as they can set there. any help would be greatly appreciated. i was thinking about an aero port in the middle of the subwoofers, what should it be tuned to? will 1/2 inch plexi work for the see through part on box or do i have to use lanex? should i use 1/2 thick fiberboard or 3/4 i nch thick? will the subs have enough airspace? and last but not least, will the plexi shatter or crack becuase of the bass being so loud? (the window will be 1 ft tall and two ft long, on the front side and back side of box (so i can see streight through the box and out my back window. thank you all so much for your help!

05-09-2013, 02:44 PM
and will it need more airspace becuase of the psi upgrades?