View Full Version : where to start on video/dvd system.

04-28-2004, 01:10 AM
Im interested in putting in a decent 7" monitor along with dvd player in my car. I have a classic car, i've restomodded it (nowehre near stock, so nobody ***** about me messing up a orginal car or something), and im building a nice center console for it and plan on mounting a 7" screen along with DVD player in there. Now, im not an electronics genious, so what else will i need to do this? As of now, i've got a alpine 7894 head unit, crystal component system powered by us accoustics amp, and ED sub and amp im fixing to put in. What all will i need to hook up the dvd and monitor and have everything work correctly? i may POSSIBLY in the future add playstation2 or some thing crazy like that, but for now i just want to watch dvd's and be able to tune in on local channels and such. Thanks guys for the help, and sorry if i sound noobish. If you have any links with some good reading on the topic, feel free to post them. Later..

04-30-2004, 07:10 PM
well first you will need a radio with aux on it,if yours has them even better,then you will need to buy a tv tuner if the dvd player dont have one built in,and then all you need is to power it up and turn it on,and i stated earlier if you plan on listening to it on your speakers you need aux or you can go with a fm modulator,well hope this helps you out