View Full Version : bought those kenwood 5.25" dual cone door speakers.....

05-07-2013, 02:18 PM
....man those magnets are tiny in comparison to the 1997 factory infiniti's.

I got them hooked up and they sound alright......I guess....for $28.....:crap:

They hit mid range well. You get that "zinging" low end sound from the rappers voice. But in other ways, they sound like two big azz tweeters.

I really wanted them to play from 150hz-300hz and on the lower end of that range, they lack in output and detail. You get what you pay for.....

I'm curious, what determines power handling for small speakers? They all seem to have practically the same voice coil size. Is it the magnet size that matters? Excursion plays a role too doesn't it?

05-07-2013, 02:41 PM
The size of the magnet has nothing to do with power handling, and neither does excursion. It's all about heat management. A small voice coil has less surface area to dissipate the heat, plus on higher power handling speakers you'll have venting to allow air to flow through the gap and out. Some designs are quite exotic in the way heat is managed, such as the Diamond Audio TDX technology on the Hex Pro 6.5" woofers.