View Full Version : Jl w7 10" and 1000/1 setup PLEASE HELP!!!!

05-06-2013, 10:52 PM
Okay I have had a jl 1000/1 amp (older model the v1) and I just had it on a sundown sub on low gain until I found a w7 or something more powerful. I recently found a w7 10" 3 ohm in a sealed box for dirt cheap but It has a crack in the "dust cap". It doesn't go all the way through so it's not a problem for now. Okay so I hooked up the w7 and put the gain about 1/2 and I'm getting it to play, but the bass is like fading in and out and won't hit some notes. Especially when volume is higher. Is this the sub/amp clipping???Bad settings or bad box maybe?? Also the speaker wire i have right now until i get more is really ****** so this might be it.I don't know how to adjust this amp because there is like 50 settings. Does anyone know what's going on? Anyone have this setup and know how to adjust this amp correctly? Newer Kenwood deck with amp settings. 4 gauge amp wires and 12 gauge speaker wire Please let me know if you even have any idea or suggestions! Thanks

05-08-2013, 03:46 AM
fading in and out? or cutting out?