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05-04-2013, 01:06 PM
Hello There,

I recently acquired an Audio Art 260.6xe to replace my Alpine 3553. I wanted to have six channels an a bit more power so I could get a component set (currently running Infinitiy Reference Coaxials).

With the deal I also got some old school Rockford Fosgate Audiophile RFA-54 5.25" Mids, Pioneer Premier Tweeters from the 90s that were made in Japan, and Boston Pro crossovers. Do you think that I will have a problem since the component set is not matched?

I would really like an A/D/S component set since I love their home audio but unfortunately have not been able to find anything... I found some other components which are new old stock in my price range ($100-$200): MB Quart RSC 213 OR DSF213, MMATS PRO 5.0, PHD MF 5.1 Kit, Aura MR2 (Braxial Neoradial), Rainbow SLX 230 and was wondering which would work best with this amp? Would any of them be A LOT better sounding than the Fosgates? I should mention I don't like high pitched sounds. I have some KEF Reference Model Ones for in home now and they are way too high pitched, I also listened to some high end Boston Acoustics before and found them way too bright as well... However ADS speakers for the house were the best I ever heard...So if I could get a similar sound out of Car Audio that would be great.

I am running an Alpine 7949 HU and also a JL Audio 8" Subwoofer... Your help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

05-05-2013, 01:24 PM
Bumpety Bump. Anyone? This is a car audio forum....